It’s probably not a bad idea to stay away from WMBD 1470 and WIRL

Randy Emert has a decent media-related post on his site: Peoria Anti-Pundit:

WMBD_radioI am staying away from any radio station in Peoria owned by JMP Media which is a lot of stations including the Lintball [read: Rush Limbaugh] station, WMBD AM, and WIRL 1290. Why? Rush Limbaugh should be enough.
Because they air, almost every 30 minutes,  a political PAC ad (at least on 1290 WIRL and on the Wolf, 104.9) that is just plain lies. The latest is against Sen Durbin and they take a part of his speech out of context (in true Fix News fashion) and make it sound like Sen Durbin is paying his women workers 77 cents on the dollar when in FACT the speech the Senator was giving was when they were trying to pass a fair wage law for women and Sen Durbin was tell Republicans that women were paid 77 cents to the dollar and that needs to be corrected. The Bill was of course voted down or blocked by Republicans.

This blog could do NOTHING but listen to JMP Media stations and refute their assertions. Now, I am willing to read the Journal Star and print my opinion of them. That is a cross I am willing to bear. But I will NOT listen to JMP Media stations. Somme tasks are just too unpleasant.

BREAKING NEWS: Apparently, it’s cold outside

Because every minute of the morning news shows are dedicated to telling viewers that it’s cold outside. WEEK, WHOI and WMBD have apparently decided that 100 percent of viewers are morons, Granted, a certain segment ARE morons, but these are idiots who would venture outside in a light sweater ANYWAY. And apparently, there is NO OTHER NEWS TO REPORT.

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