Do you want to be the judge known as the one who dismissed the most righteous lawsuit ever filed?

Read the story here. The city is shamelessly claiming that there are no grounds for ANYONE to claim that raiding the house of the guy who wrote something embarrassing about the Mayor was somehow a violation of his rights.

Anyway, if it wasn’t for all this press coverage, some judge somewhere would no doubt be happy to oblige the city’s request. Judges are no fans of all this openness and free speech. But this is a media case, and the media has decided — rightfully so — that Mayor Ardis is in the wrong. It’s one of the reasons Mayor Ardis is so butthurt.

But there IS press coverage, and since every judge out there considers him or herself a future Supreme Court nominee, NONE if them will rule in the city’s favor. You are screwed city.

P.S. I absolutely guarantee any judge who dismisses this case or rules in the city’s favor will be mocked ruthlessly on Peoria Pundit.

I will bring back blogging or I will die trying

Because Facebook sucks, and Twitter has become today’s Usenet, overrun with people with agendas who are ALWAYS SHOUTING AT YOU and DEMANDING YOUR ATTENTION.


So, anyway, you will see NO original status updates or tweets from moi. I will gladly use both forums to posts links back to my blog.  I will, occasionally, offer comment to other people’s status updates or tweets.

New Jersey dictator forbids pesky citizen questions at city council meetings


The heated exchange between a proud mayor with a football career and an elderly resident who wanted to question town policies sorely needed a referee that bitter December night.

For four tense minutes, Evesham Township Mayor Randy Brown drowned out Kenneth Mills, 81, after Mills asked about a tax abatement on a property and attempted to tell Brown to calm down. In a booming voice, Brown, the kicking coach for the Baltimore Ravens, told Mills that he had been overwhelmingly reelected in November and that “65 percent of the people who came out love what I do.” He barely addressed the tax abatement.

“You’re acting like a jerk,” Mills said as he sat down, sounding exasperated.

The following month, Brown made it clear that future council meetings would be different. Residents would not be permitted to question council members during public meetings, he said. Instead, they could “make comments only.”

The policy set off a firestorm in the town, at 46,000 citizens the largest in Burlington County, and sparked concern from government watchdog groups.

Well, it’s kinda of tricky here in Peoria. They don’t want the “citizens to address the council” to become a “quiz the council” session. But citizens who ask questions that require an answer of more than a few works will be directed to the appropriate department head.

I’ve never been treated rudely by a city employee (except for a parking cop or two) and I’ve never seen it happen to others. I’ve seen people who snort and mutter too loudly at council meetings be asked to leave.

But then, our mayor did have a guy arrested because his roommate was being disrespectful on Twitter.

Mayor Ardis will apparently defend himself in the Twitter lawsuit by bitching about the media

Mayor Jim Ardis held a press conference this afternoon in response to the press conference held by the ACLU, which is suing the city in behalf of the dude who was arrested bu Peoria Police, apparently on orders from the mayor himself.

And who is Ardis blaming for all this?

Answer: The media.

From day one, Ardis says, the hated media reported that the evil Twitter account was labeled as parody. Which isn’t true at all media accounts have pretty much consistently stated that the account was not immediately labeled as parody.

And he bitched that the media have failed to fully and accurately report the content of the tweets.

So, we have a mayor who was so butthurt by tweets that were so profane and foul that the media failure to print them verbatim is proof  of how anti-Jim Ardis the media is. Or, it may have to do the mass media not wanting to offend the old ladies. Something like that.

As a courtesy to our butthurt mayor, I’ll repeat the profane and vile comments that he is under the impression gives him the right to order the unconstitutional raid on a private citizen’s home:

  • – “I’m up all night woke up with pussy on my breath and blood shot eyes and we got people talking about live tweeting”
  • – “I’m thinking it’s a tequila and stripper night”
  • – “Gonna be up at “a local bar” wolfing down some wings. Come check me out I’ll be signing titty’s?
  • – “2 fucking things to get off my chest. 1. If you don’t like Peoria and U wanna sit here and bitch den leave. 2. Who stole my crackpipe?

Ardis INSISTED that anyone who read this Twitter account would have no way to tell that it wasn’t really him. Really.

The mayor also said he and his family has also received death threats.

“I will protect my rights and the rights of my family at all costs,” Ardis said.

I’ll bet $20 these “threats” against him and his family came after he ordered the raid against the Twitter account holder, which means that Ardis bitching about the threats have NOTHING at all to do with the lawsuit that was filed.

And this “press conference?” It wasn’t a press conference. Press conferences are where politicians give brief statements and then answer questiions. Our believed mayor started the conference by saying he would read a statement, and not answer questions, and that he would not comment again until the matter was settled.

That didn’t stop Web reporter from asking whether an FOIA request for the mayor’s GMail account would reveal additional information.

Press conference Friday morning about Twitter raids

Press release:

On Friday, April 25, 2014, at 9:00 a.m., Peoria Police Chief Steven Settingsgaard and Peoria County State’s Attorney Jerry Brady shall host a joint press conference at the Office of the State’s Attorney regarding the recent personation investigation via Twitter.

Alas, I have a prior commitment and I cannot attend. But most press conferences are colossal circle jerks anyway. The only reason to attend, really, is to socialize with other media types.