Today’s Ashley McNamee employment update

From a dude in the know:

“If Ashley’s job is in danger, then why was the Production Department shooting footage of a new promo featuring her and Mac in the newsroom?”


“Nicole Gill no longer works at the station. No word on what happened, but that is none of my business anyway.”



And you can sign a petition to restore Ashley’s job.

We can petition WEEK to save Ashley McNamee’s job

I received this message in a comment, which I am reprinting in a post of its own:

ashleyI started this petition awhile ago and it has taken off. But would love for more people to sign it. Ashley does know about this petition. So please get the word out and sign it. I have this set up to email the president of WEEK and the top 2 people at Granite Broadcasting in New York City. Here is the link:

I wish the petitioners well. But I don’t hold out much hope. Management at WEEK are cement-headed moron blockheads, perhaps more so than other media.