A brief chat at Starbucks ….

I had a brief chat with a teacher from Wisconsin today at Starbucks. She participated in the protests in Madison over anti-worker Governor Scott Walker. I suggested that Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner is cut from the same mold. Her reply: “At least Rauner isn’t running for President.” True. So far, at least.

Anyway, she admired the sticker on my laptop:



There’s a woman wearing flip-flops and pajama pants in Starbucks

I could understand a woman getting out of bed in the morning and dashing off to Facebook for a cup of coffee. But it’s 3:30 in the afternoon. So, she’s obviously rocking her fashion choices.

Either this woman is a millionaire who no longer gives a shit what people think of her, or she has Failed. At. Life.



Warning: Wearing yoga pants to Starbucks can lead to frozen unmentionables


I am blogging from Starbucks right now, and if I had to venture a guess, I’d say that 80 percent of all college-age females in here are wearing yoga pants. This is on a day where I am wearing my pajamas beneath by jeans, two coats, a wool hat, gloves and a scarf it is so frigging cold.

Not that I do not appreciate the wearing of yoga pants. Visually, it’s quite appealing. But are these women nuts? They are risking frost bite on their tender nether regions.

Maybe that Montana state lawmaker who wanted to ban yoga pants was onto to something. He wanted to protect himself from getting aroused. Myself, I don’t mind the arousal, I just don’t want to see young college age girls suffer from frost bite on their tender nether regions.

Perhaps he should rewrite the law to prohibit the wearing of yoga pants during those months it is not freezing in Montana. Which is about four months out of the year, I gather.