Quinn has a ‘high-tech approach?’ BWAHAHAHAHA

» Quinn campaign touts high-tech approach

Gov. Pat Quinn’s campaign says it has “revolutionized” the way the governor’s race is being executed with a high-tech approach.

The Chicago Democrat’s campaign has hired a digital director who worked on President Barack Obama’s re-election and Organizing for Action.

The Chicago Sun-Times reported (http://bit.ly/1v9xGMG) in a story published Sunday that Christopher Hass oversees a team of nine people. He says it’s one of the largest in-house digital teams for a statewide race. He says their approach is targeted.

Bullshit. I probably receive 10 emails from the Bruce Rauner campaign for every one I get from Quinn’s people.

Overall, I find the GOP is doing a much better job of emailing me press releases about their candidates than do the Democrats. Most emails from the Democrats seem to be pleas with me to send them money RIGHT NOW or all is lost.

I am pretty much immune to begging emails, since I am neither a Democrat or a Republican.

Bruce Rauner hates the Libertarian party and sent armed thugs to intimidate petition signers

I’ve written before about the attitude of the two big parties — they think all votes belong to them, and that any votes for Green or Libertarian party members is a stolen vote.

This Capitol Fax article collected information from elsewhere that demonstrates that attitude:

* Back in May, Julieus Hooks signed a nominating petition for the Libertarian Party. The Republican Party attempted to kick the Libertarians off the ballot and hired a lawyer who hired a private security firm to help with the challenge.

That “help” included sending visibly armed private investigators to the homes of petition signers

“On or about July 20, 2014, I was exiting my house when a tall Caucasian man and a woman approached and startled me. The man had a gun, which was visible. They told me that the woman who had circulated the petition sheet that I had signed had violated the law because she had obtained too many signatures and committed fraud. I was then given a piece of paper and told to sign.”

Sarah Dart, who was paid to circulate petitions for the Libertarians and obtained Hooks’ signature, told me a similar story. Dart says a private investigator named Carlos Rodriguez contacted her, asking about a missing girl who knew someone she supposedly knew.

She believes the story about the missing girl was a ruse. When she met with Rodriguez, Dart says he confronted her with a stack of petitions and asked her to admit that the signatures for the Libertarians were obtained fraudulently. She refused, and the state’s hearing officer later found that her signatures were legitimately gathered.

Dart says Rodriguez displayed a holstered gun when he met her. He gave her a business card showing he works for Morrison Security in Alsip. The company’s owner is the Palos Township Republican leader, Sean Morrison.

Morrison has been a Bruce Rauner ally since the beginning.

Meanwhile Pat Quinn called for an investigation of Rauner.

More on Bruce Rauner’s immoral (but legal) tax dodging behavior

The only defense I am hearing (from the usual ‘No Republican ever did anything wrong’ crowd) is that this sort of behavior is LEGAL.

I never accused Rauner of doing anything illegal. I accused him of being IMMORAL.

And just a warning: Candidates who hide their money and refuse to answer questions BEFORE they elected will do the same thing when they are IN office.

Bruce Rauner is a lying liar who lies

New Bruce Rauner attack ad relies on made-up anti-Quinn headlines

Bruce Rauner. Photo courtesy Huffington Post

» New Rauner attack ad relies on made-up headlines

The 30-second spot takes myriad shots at Quinn on the issues of unemployment, education, tax increases, education and the Democratic governor’s troubled 2010 anti-violence grant program that’s under federal investigation.

The ad overlays what the Rauner campaign calls “headlines” over TV screens. Some of the headlines are correct, such as one from a Chicago Tribune online story saying “Quinn signs tax hike into law” when the governor signed a post-election income tax increase in 2011.

But in two other cases, the Rauner ad makes up headlines that did not appear with the source cited, and in at least three other cases, headlines were shortened to buttress the campaign’s attack on Quinn. Rauner campaign spokesman Mike Schrimpf defended the technique, saying in an e-mail that “due to time and space constraints, the phrases had to be condensed.”

In other words, Bruce Rauner lied. He “condensed” headlines that didn’t make wide sweeping anti-Quinn statements into shorter headlines that did.