Journal Star finds some balls, manages to actually run a story on Charlie Roy

Well, the Journal Star FINALLY managed to run a story on Charlie Roy no longer being principal at Peoria Notre Dame. You see, they got a copy of his email to students. One imagines that they they would never, ever, ever run ANYTHING about this had they not gotten an official source to give them official information. Remember, the Journal Star only ran a story on Mike Sullivan getting the heave ho four days after the fact, on an inside sport page and then only because the guy finally talked to them. This is a demonstration of how week the “objective” model of journalism is when it comes to keeping the public informed.

Mike Sullivan an ‘irreplaceable leader’ at Notre Dame

This is a comment i received to an earlier post. I am making it its own post out of fairness:

What Mr. Sullivan said was probably a sarcastic comment taken too far, or the result of a drawn out argument with a girl who was repeatedly disrupting class and breaking uniform rules. As a past student at ND, I look back now and realize that my classmates and I were all huge brats much of the time, and any impatient outbursts our teachers and coaches had was well deserved. While he has faults like anyone else, he was still an admirable cross country coach who put everything he had into making the program succeed. PND has lost an irreplaceable leader.

Another comment made about Mike Sullivan

Another comment just showed up on my contact page:

Mike Sullivan. I attended Bergan HS in the late 70’s and early 80’s. He was a new young teacher then obviously. He routinely slammed young boys into lockers in the hallways. He had a very short fuse. Oddly enough, my crew was never afraid or intimidated. we used to egg him on to make him react. The last time he did it to me, I got in his face and told him I was going to kick his ass if he ever touched me again. From that moment on he stayed away from me and I have seen him hundreds of times through the years and I know the students families in question now…My point is, I believe every word about what’s happened here and I cannot believe he stuck that long. And he was a good teacher and a decent guy to talk to, just a hot head and apparently the older he got he channeled that into perversion.



Merle rips the Journal Star a new one

My beefs with the Journal Star are not QUITE as personal and profound as Merle’s:

A number of years ago a local prominent business man in good community standing, took his own life as the Journal went after this Republican in their typical hatchet jobs of indicting, trying and convicting as they have done to me so many times. (I have NEVER been interviewed by the Journal about any event that appeared unfavorable to me while they made every effort to put the “hatchet” to my activist self). I suggest they should have interviewed my wife who supports me and loves me dearly because she knows the “rest of the stories”. How many others have had their lives ruined or committed sucide because of the JS will never be known. Myself, like Rutherford, who has never been CONVICTED of anything other than a minor traffic ticket are not likely to be intimidated by the a left leaning media that includes some other Peoria Medias.

I suspect Merle might be making a dig at me and my recent coverage of former Peoria Notre Dame coach Mike Sullivan. By all accounts he was a decent coach and a good teacher, but even his defenders said he could be kinda creepy when dealing with female students.

The purpose of journalism is ….

It seems to me the mission of newspapers, and TV and radio news is to educate 90 percent of the public what 10 percent of the public already know about. But that 10 percent only know half the story. Hopefully, they will know 90 percent of the story by the time newspapers are done with it. 100 percent knowledge of 100 percent of the facts? That may be too much to hope for.

By telling people that Mile Sullivan had resigned from Peoria Notre Dame, but NOT telling them why, it seems the Journal Star was telling the 90 percent the same half of the story that 10 percent of the population already knew.

Peoria Notre Dame’s de facto censorship of ‘Pantygate’ could not be allowed to stand

From a comment via the Contact Page:

I am surprised that you don’t understand why Notre Dame won’t give you the specifics of why a teacher resigned. It is a personnel matter, which can’t legally be made public. But I’m more surprised that you published comments bordering on slander, based on anonymous sources. I think using his name & picture was crossing the line. I have a relative in the teacher’s class & I have heard stories about him too. Don’t get me wrong, I am honestly glad he resigned. I’m glad the problem was addressed BUT I don’t see the need to spread the stories. I hope PND will soon hire a new teacher who can provide a quality science education and interact appropriately with high school students.

Peoria Notre Dame might feel it necessary to keep the situation under wraps. I have yet to have anyone point our to me a law requiring schools to hide from parents the facts of someone kicked out of school for creepy behavior that puts kids at risk. He wasn’t accused of teaching poorly, or of being chronically late, or of not turning in paperwork on time. He was accused of asking a female student if she was wearing panties. This isn’t so much an employment issue, but a student safety issue).

Understand that I am not under any sort of obligation to protect Mike Sullivan’s identity. I’m a journalist. It’s my advocation to tell people what’s going on. It’s a matter of some public controversy (I think the large number of comments I am getting, combined with the huge upturn in hits and visits, proves this.

I crossed no line.

The fact I can provide the public with the man’s name (and his picture) provides credibility to this story, not less.

If he never, ever asked this student if she was wearing panties, Peoria Notre Dame owes him an apology, and then so do I, even though all I did was accurately quote the people who talked to me. But there would still be a story there because of his history of making these sorts of inappropriate comments to female students.

Newspapers exist — or the used to exist, before “news entertainment” era — for the purpose of keeping readers informed. Of being watchdogs. This implied that sometimes the people who work for powerful institutions got their faces wiped in the evidence of their own bad behavior.

This is what was happening at Peoria Notre Dame. And because of the under-the-table way Peoria Notre Dame was handling it, no one was being told. The Peoria media was unaware, and after they became aware, they wanted to NOT report on it because the “official spokespeople” — all of whom work at Notre Dame, declined to even speak about it or acknowledge it.

This ability of PND to tell the media to not tell the public about this could not be allowed to stand.

So, I didn’t.

Peoria Notre Dame’s dress code, designed to prevent sexual comments and lewd behavior, seemed to encourage lewd behavior and comments from Mike Sullivan

Another comment from a PND alum:

As students we would all have a “dress code” check every day before class started. He would walk and verify what shoes we were wearing, making sure girls buttons were buttoned and make comments as he walked by to certain girls (always the same ones) and would call certain male students feminine or joke about them liking other guys. Mind you this was a Catholic school that my parents were paying more for than two years at ICC for one semester at their lovely institution and I wanted to learn. He would also stand in the hallway and do the same dress code check as people walked by and make his sexist and feminine comments as people walked by. Just wanted to give you an insight to the man and his policy.


At Woodruff High School, the dress code was usually enforced only when there were gross violations, i.e. someone coming to school in a tube top or short shorts. Certainly there were no male teachers standing the hallway making sure passerby were wearing bras by checking for the existence of bra straps.

I doubt there was even one teacher there who assumed he or she had the power to do this. And if there was, he could get away with it maybe three of four times before some father and his four brothers would pay the teacher a visit and an ass whooping would commence. I have never heard of such a parent on teacher ass whooping happening. But I have heard tales of ass-whoopings being threatened on students if they didn’t watch their hands. I was once half way out the door to deliver one such ass-whooping before being stopped by my mother. I imagine I would probably getting out of prison right about now. I still regret not giving that ass-whopping.

Of course, this type of strict environment at PND only encourages this sort of macho, abusive behavior. Peoria Notre Dame is an institution wrapped in the Flag, with power and authority on load from God. Its students are high achievers taught to obey their elders in general and teachers specifically. I’m surprised teachers aren’t banging students by the dozens.