This is what the PJS reported in today’s paper

Here is how Peoria’s one and only newspaper of record saw life in the River City yesterday. /

Ummm …. tell me again exactly WHY Peorians read the PJS?

 Not much Peoria-based news at all in this morning’s one-and-only newspaper of record in Peoria. And they completely missed the story of the two cross dressers pushing and shoving on each other at the Red Roof Inn.

This morning’s Journal Star once again looks like an abbreviated version of yesterday’s

  It’s deja vu all over again.

There’s something … familiar about this morning’s Journal Star

 Here’s all the Peoria-based news in today’s one-and-only newspaper of record for Peoria:


Not much Peoria news in the Journal Star that wasn’t in yesterday

  If you are a Peoria resident without a hankering for news from Washington or Metamora or Galesburg or Bloomington, I don’t see a real need to buy the Journal Star.

Another dearth of Peoria-based news stories in Peoria’s one and only newspaper of record

 So, exactly HOW MANY reporters work for the Journal Star where they can only find three news stories in Peoria?




There is not one –NOT ONE — legitimate Peoria news story in Peoria’s alleged newspaper of record today

 There’s a dearth of Peoria news today.