Journal Star already has a hate on for one of the Peoria City Council candidates

 One of the things you do NOT do is piss off the Peoria Journal Star. You do, and they will fill their pages with stories about what an evil, contemptible bastard you are. Gary Sandberg wouldn’t kiss their collective asses, and they made his life a living Hell .. except for the fact the people loved Gary and kept returning him to office.

Well, Amr Elsamny held an event to announce he’s running for Peoria City Council. He declined to answer questions from the media — last time I checked, he had every right to do so –and the dudes who write the Word on the Street column wrote a piece eviscerating him.

Well, the Peoria Journal Star walks around acting like it’s King of All Peoria Media. At one point, that statement was close to being the truth. It is far from the truth today. In addition to television and radio (including a public radio station that kicks ass), we have The Community Word, The Peoria County Chronicle, the Peoria Morning Sun, The American Wolf, Peoria Story, and even this poor blog here (if I forgot anyone drop me a line).

And not to mention social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc, where people go to share information person to person, bypassing the reporters, assignment editors, photographers, staff editors, managing editors and publishers … all of whom I am convinced exist to keep the public from finding out what is going on in the city.

Did anyone see the Thanksgiving issue of the Journal Star? Huge freaking paper. I used to deliver papers that huge back in my paper boy days. Well I sat down and separated the news sections from the glossy ads.  There wasn’t enough news to wipe my a$$ with. Makes sense. The deadline for the newspaper that hit your porches by 6 a.m, Thanks giving was NOON the previous day.

So, forgive Amr Elsamny for being confident he can reach enough Peorians to get elected without kissing the collective asses of the two Word on the Street dudes.


You snooze, you lose, Journal Star has exactly ONE reporter. One.

Guest edit writer too rich for GateHouse/PJS

The Peoria Journal Star has exactly ONE member left on its editorial board after all the GateHouse Media imposed cuts. ONE. But do not look for them to ever make use of THIS guy when there’s a vacation to be taken. For one thing, he charges at minimum $150 for each ghost-written editorial. I doubt GateHouse would spend $150 on each issue for all editorial content combined (gotta make the yacht payment, don’t ya know).

Journal Star holds out hope that Aaron Schock will FINALLY serve the taxpayers

From tomorrow’s Word on the Street:

It’s easy to understand in the wake of Friday’s news why he canceled his weekend public appearances. Appearing in public the day a federal investigation comes to light would have created more problems with very little benefit.

But waiting until the last minute, giving people false hope at a number of events wasn’t professional, and it has created a considerable amount of frustration and a lingering feeling of immaturity in how matters were handled.

Perhaps more troubling for those of us still paying out a salary to Schock — about $6,700 for those two weeks — is that he wasn’t fulfilling his basic responsibility to vote last week. Understandably, he didn’t cast any votes Tuesday, the day he resigned. But for the rest of the week, he should have been on the job if he’s drawing the pay for it. Hopefully it was an aberration and he’ll serve out the remaining eight days with dignity.

Anyone who’s been paying attention to how Aaron Schock behaves would consider for a moment he would work to earn his salary for two weeks. But then, the last thing I would accuse the Journal Star of is paying attention to Peoria’s congressman.

I really get a kick out of the Journal Star. They are covering schock NOW, after he has resigned in disgrace.  They were NO WHERE to be found duing the previous six years he was in office.

Here’s an FOIA status update for the sniveling little shitweasels at the PJS

Attention sniveling little shitweasles at the Journal Star: You cannot excuse away your newspaper’s general GateHouse Media-mandated inferiority by commenting on Facebook about my use of free WiFi at Starbucks or my frequent posting of Eye Candy pictures. As if my blogginess has anything to do with it.

I know the paper has far fewer reporters than it did when I was a lowly intern there back in the late 1980s. But certainly they can spare one to go through official complaints filed against Aaron Schock. You know, the guy who just got driven out of office because of similar complaints. It’s what newspapers do. Just four hours of time, that’s all I ask.

I know it’s tough trying to be a journalist for an organization so dedicated to destroying journalism in the name of corporate greed. My advice, start a blog and NO ONE will dictate what you write. But then, no salary, alas.

And by the way, the Attorney General’s office is reviewing the Illinois Comptroller’s office’s denial of my FOIA request for information about their hiring of Next Generation Public Affairs. They say this information is exempt, I disagree. Anyway, the AG’s office notified me of its status on March 13, 2015. The Comptroller’s office will get back to me after that. I’ll keep you informed.


In an Aaron Schock world where journalism is important, the Journal Star utterly lacks any revelence whatsoever

Here’s USA Today on the Aaron Schock mess:

As a guy who both practices and teaches journalism, I find this week’s resignation announcement by Rep. Aaron Schock, R-Ill., a comforting reminder of the value of Actual Journalism.

Schock, the attention-getting four-term congressman from Peoria, said Tuesday he will resign this month because of a constant stream of stories that detailed his curious, then dubious, then possibly illegal office and campaign spending.

His problems, as these things often do, started with what could have been an innocuous story. Washington Post reporter Ben Terris saw Schock’s newly redecorated office and wrote a hilarious tale about the spokesman’s efforts to kill the piece. Two journalism lessons emerge here: 1) a large part of the job is just showing up and 2) whenever someone says there’s no story here, there is almost certainly a story.


No I ask, with all seriousnesss. Can ANYONE point to any single sory that originated with the Journal Star that contributed to Ashock’s decision to quit?

The Chicago Sun-Times Lynn Sweet? I can point to TWO such stories.

But I cannot think of any one invstigative piece. Not one.