Home invaders greeted quite property with bullets

This is what we in the pro-gun crown call a righteous shooting.

A Sunnyland couple wake up the the sound of intruders lurking around outside their bed room. The command the intruders to stop, they come at him and the husband fires a gun. The male intruder was hospitalized and his female cohort, his wife, was arrested.

It was all a mistake, the intruders claim. they were at the wrong house. Never mind the male’s parole on a Pekin bank robbery. We’ll let prosecutors sort it all out.

The home-owner was not charged.

This is why in many decent law-abiding countries, people are required by law to possess a weapon and now how to use them.

I know not very liberal or progressive of me. But then. I don;t thing there is anything liberal or progressive about giving police only the means to protect themselves. Look at the mess at Standing Rock, and how it  didn’t correct itself until potentially armed veterans joined the protest. Malcolm X had the right idea.

Man refuses to testify against crack dealing assailant

An officer investigation a door being found open to an apartment in the 1200 block of North Sheridan later found the occupant walking home from Methodist Hospital in a sling. After much cajoling from the officer, the man admitted he had sold the man a bad Link card for some crack, and he broke down his door and proceeded to beat him up. But the victim swore he was never file charges against or testify against the assailant. Why? Because crack.

WEEK/WHOI website used the word ‘victim’ to describe dead home invader


The homeowner then discovered the front window was broken out, and the suspect attempting to get in. He then reportedly struck the suspect with a crutch.

Police later arrived and found the 37-year-old male suspect laying about 15 feet in front of the home. He was conscious, but authorities say they could not understand him.

According to the Peoria County Coroner, the suspect suffered cardiac arrest on the way to the hospital.

He was pronounced dead at 11:13 p.m. at OSF Saint Francis Medical Center.

The name of the victim is being withheld until the next of kin is notified.

If you own or rent a home, and someone tries to break in through a window while you are sleeping, you have the right and duty to assume that said home invader will rape and murder the occupants. The last word I would use forf any potential rapist/murderer is “victim.”

In a deent and law-abiding society, the home-invaders head would be cut off and displayed in a pike in the victim’s front yard.

The only good home invader is a dead home invader.

I say sue the man’s estate for the cost of replacing the window.

Would-be home invader cries like the baby coward he truly is

At the risk of tricking the simple-minded into thinking I’m some sort of conservative, I post THIS in defense of gun-ownership rights:

New London (CT) Police said in a statement they were called to 308 Crystal Ave. after residents found an armed 15-year-old in one of the bedrooms of the home just after 3 a.m. Wednesday morning.

Homeowner Kevin Dennis, 29, said his brother, Rich Dennis, 32, yelled to him that there was a man in the house with a gun.

Kevin Dennis, a Navy veteran who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan, said he immediately grabbed his gun and ran downstairs to find his brother and the 15-year-old suspect in a tussle.

After pointing his gun at the suspect, Kevin Dennis told the suspect to drop the gun he was holding. The suspect complied.  Then, according to Kevin Dennis, the suspect broke down in tears and asked him to call the police because he was peer pressured into breaking into the home.

Let me get this straight. This kid was holding a GUN IN HIS HAND, and he was “peer pressured” into invading a home at night and robbing it. Or could it be that the robber fully expected to be facing unarmed victims and when he realized he wasn’t, he showed his true cowardly colors?

The only way for this story to have a more perfect ending would be if the bad guy ended up with a hole in his chest and his head on a pike in his would be victim’s front yard, with a sign reading “Peer pressure is such a bitch.”

A man with a gun saves his life and his mothers’ life from her gun-toting, home-invading ex-boyfriend/baby daddy

As a public service, i routinely print stories I find from all over the Web that tent to refute the theme repeated by gun-grabbing nuts that all guns are good for is harming innocent little children. It should go without saying that gund that are never pointed or used in anyway also save lives, because God know how many rapes and murders would happen if gun control nuts get what they want, and guns are removed from the homes of the law abiding.

Anyway, here us a story from Hendersonville, Tenn, via WKRN:

An investigation revealed Davidson had entered the home unlawfully with the intent of harming 46-year-old Shawna Brush.

Brush’s son, 18-year-old Connor Brush, ultimately exchanged gunfire with Davidson, allowing him and his mother to escape unharmed.

Davidson, who was struck by one of Brush’s bullets, then shot himself.

It is unclear which shot ultimately killed Davidson. The outcome of the investigation is pending and charges have not been filed.

Missouri man has no regrets about shooting home invader (neither would I)

From Guns Save Lives:

Rick Rogers did not hesitate to defend himself, his family and his home when multiple armed men broke into his home over the weekend.

Rogers was able to grab his gun and confront four armed home invaders before they could harm anyone inside the home. One of the home invaders, 40 year old Kenneth Fry, was killed by Rogers’ gun fire.