Donations are up post-Trump at nonprofit public news sites like Peoria Pundit

From The New York Times:

Almost a month later, the money keeps coming, $10 and $20 and sometimes hundreds of dollars or more from small donors all over the country.

At the Center for Public Integrity in Washington and its international investigative arm, the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, individual donations are up about 70 percent compared to the same period last year.

The donor pool for the Marshall Project, a two-year-old outfit that examines the American criminal justice system, is up 20 percent since the election.

And at ProPublica, the investigative news organization that pledges to hold the powerful accountable, the postelection haul, $750,000, has easily eclipsed the total raised from small-dollar donors in all of 2015, about $500,000.

The list goes on. From local public radio affiliates to established watchdog groups to start-ups that focus on a single issue, nonprofit, nonpartisan media is having a moment.

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Donald Trump will kick sand in your face and call you a sissy if you donate to The Peoria Pundit

trump_ass_faceA free press (one NOT beholden to corporate interests) will be increasingly vital to the survival of America during the next four years. So donate to The Peoria Pundit.

People powered media: The cure for Trump.

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Donald Trump does NOT want you to contribute to Peoria Pundit


Let’s face it. Mainstream publications like the Peoria Journal Star are exactly the kind of every-word-out-of-their-mouths-are-gold mentality that gave Donald Trump exactly the type of news  regurgitation he needed to capture first the nomination and then election to president of the United States.

Every donation you make to Peoria Pundit is a sharp stick to The Donald’s groin. I’ll tell it like it is. And I’m not the only person who sees People Powered Media as the cure to Trumpism.

Donald Trump regularly slams news outlets in his Twitter jeremiads and has occasionally banned media organizations that get on his nerves. But for journalists, all that abuse comes with a positive side effect: a surge in donations and subscriptions since his election. When John Oliver called on his Last Week Tonight audience to “support actual journalism” on Sunday night, ProPublica and Mother Jones saw major bumps in contributions.

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