The CIA is planning assassination of Donald Trump!

It must be true, because Alex Jones is saying it:

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has been repeatedly warning President-elect Donald Trump that “rogue elements” within the CIA are trying to “assassinate” him before he takes office. Trump, who has been publicly feuding with the CIA in recent weeks, reportedly speaks to Jones on the phone and watches his videos. He has previously echoed Jones’ other conspiracy theories and rhetoric.

Jones is a toxic promoter of conspiracy theories, including that the United States government perpetrated the 9/11 attacks and the tragedies at Columbine, Oklahoma City, Sandy Hook, and the Boston Marathon, among others. He was also a leading promoter of the false “pizzagate” conspiracy theories that led a Jones listener to fire a gun inside a Washington, D.C., pizzeria.

Trump made deal with the owner of WYZZ 43 Bloomington/Peoria for favorable coverage

From Nation of Change:

President-elect Donald Trump has long positioned himself at odds with the media, lashing out at reporters and outlets that dared to criticize him or shine light on his numerous scandals. His vitriol toward the press became so intense on the campaign trail that reporters covering his rallies began to fear for their safety.

The Trump campaign also sought out allies, like Fox News’ Sean Hannity, to counteract the media’s attempt at straightforward coverage with airtime unencumbered by tough questions (over $31 million in free airtime, in fact). Now it seems Hannity wasn’t the only one. The campaign struck a deal with Sinclair Broadcast Group for similarly uncritical coverage, Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner reportedly told a group of business executives in Manhattan Friday.

Sinclair got more access to Trump and the campaign and, in return, broadcast Trump interviews without commentary to its television stations across the country, six people who heard Kushner’s remarks told Politico.

“Kushner highlighted that Sinclair, in states like Ohio, reaches a much wider audience — around 250,000 listeners — than networks like CNN, which reach somewhere around 30,000.”

A Trump spokesperson told Politico the Sinclair deal included interviews running across every affiliate and that the campaign had sought to disseminate information through other media companies with affiliates, like Hearst.

Sinclair Broadcast Group owns or has partnerships with 173 television stations, on 482 channels, in 81 U.S. markets, according to its website.

Sinclair owns WYZZ in Bloomington/Normal. But to be fair, WZYY’s news program is produced by WMBD 31 (owned my Nexstar), so I’m not sure how Trump’s special deal would have generated favorable coverage in Central Illinois

At least 20 electors have decided to turn against Trump

From the Washington Times:

Professor Lawrence Lessig said there are three groups consulting with electors on their legal options, with the aim of convincing 37 Republicans to withhold their votes for Mr. Trump and thus throw the decision to the GOP-controlled House.

“What we believe surveying the three groups that I’m aware of that are advising and supporting Republican electors is that there’s at least 20 right now,” he told MSNBC.

The president-elect won 306 electoral votes to 232 for Democrat Hillary Clinton. An exodus of 37 electors would put Mr. Trump at 269 electoral votes, one shy of the 270 needed to make his win official.

“Our goal is to let the electors exercise their judgment, and what we believe is at least 37 electors will make the judgment not to support Donald Trump,” Mr. Lessig said. “And if that happens, then of course it goes to the House, and the House has to pick among the top three candidates.”

Star Wars slammed for anti-Trump message

From Yahoo Finance:

“Star Wars: Rogue One” will soon be released in cinemas, but some fans of the franchise are threatening to pull their support for the latest entry in the series and boycott the movie.

The hashtag #DumpStarWars began trending on Twitter on Thursday after Jack Posobiec, whose Twitter bio states he is the special projects director for an advocacy group called Citizens For Trump, claimed the film had been reshot to include an anti-Donald Trump message.

Chris Weitz, one of the screenwriters, responded that the claims were completely fake and called Posobiec a liar.

Star Wars is about how brave resistance members fights an evil, lying, maniacal dictator. OF COURSE IT’S AN ANTI-TRUMP MESSAGE. It was an anti-Trump message before anyone had ever heard of Donald Trump.

So, it looks like Trump voters will be boycotting the new Star Wars movie

From Raw Story:

White supremacists are continuing their call for a boycott of upcoming Star Wars film Rogue One, accusing the film’s producers of promoting multiculturalism and an “anti-white” agenda, reports.

“(((Star Wars))) Is Anti-White Social Engineering,” reads a Reddit post by GenFrancoPepe on the subreddit r/altright, including a gif showing the cast from the movie; according to the image, predominantly white characters fight with the oppressive Empire while an array of multicultural characters support the rebel fighters.

“So basically star wars was SJW propaganda from the beginning?” Another user, stanicpriest13 asked the forum. “Good now I don’t feel as bad about not watching the new films. The new films are going to flop big league anyway. You can push the female heroes as much as you like, but even most women don’t find it interesting.”

Calls for a boycott have been mounting since August, when a white supremacist site called InfoStormer complained that the trailer for Rogue One, “is another Jew masturbation fantasy of anti-white hatred.”

Sarah Palin is my new hero


From Addicting Info:

eye_on_trumpEarlier this week, Trump bragged that he was meeting with Carrier, a company in Indiana that was planning to send American jobs overseas. Well, Trump only saved nearly 1,000 jobs while more than 1,000 jobs were still sent to Mexico. Oh, and Carrier got a sweet deal for it, too. Taxpayers in Indiana will be giving Carrier $7 million to keep the smattering of jobs that are left. It’s a very high price to pay and is a waste of taxpayer dollars that sets the stage for more companies to do the exact same thing in order to snag millions of taxpayer dollars. All they have to do is threaten to send jobs overseas and get Trump to “negotiate” to keep some of them.

In short, Trump is an easy mark for companies to exploit. But Sarah Palin is NOT supportive of what Trump is doing.

In an op-ed for Young Conservatives, Palin blasted Trump’s bad deal with Carrier as “crony capitalism” that will doom the free market and the country.

“When government steps in arbitrarily with individual subsidies, favoring one business over others, it sets inconsistent, unfair, illogical precedent,” she wrote. “Meanwhile, the invisible hand that best orchestrates a free people’s free enterprise system gets amputated. Then, special interests creep in and manipulate markets. Republicans oppose this, remember? Instead, we support competition on a level playing field, remember? Because we know special interest crony capitalism is one big fail.”