‘The Diocese could have handled things a lot better’

Here’s the latest missive in the great Charlie Roy controversy:

To the parent of Villanova – I can understand wanting to know more about Charlie Roy, especially with the most recent events surrounding his leaving PND. I have two students at PND and I can tell you with all certainty that Charlie Roy cares about PND and it’s students. He is respected by the students, faculty and parents. In my opinion and in most, he has always dealt fairly with all of the students. He knows they are young adults that will make mistakes but he holds them accountable when they do. He’s involved and a tremendous advocate for the school and the students. Our loss is definitely your gain. It’s unfortunate that the Diocese did not handle his leaving better. People are upset and it has snowballed into other things that have nothing to do with his leaving or the current school administration. It’s very clear on our end that the Diocese could have handled things a lot better.

Yeah, like maybe NOT forcing the guy to quit his job in the middle of the week.

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A whole lotta dirt on Peoria Notre Dame

I’ve redacted SOME of the information contained in this contact page message to me. Not much though:

Last night I implicated three people behind a lot of the questionable practices at PND. Ann Slaughter had been mentioned in being among much of the problem. She started out as a secretary for the Diocese, working ‘downtown’. While in this position she discovered all the skeletons in the closets! She shared to me that while working downtown she discovered that [NAME REDACTED], who is now retired, was gay and confronted him. Apparently some deals were made in her favor. She promised not to give up the disguises he sported, outside the church and the many different toupee’s he utilized during those times. Quickly she began moving upward. She was aware a position of drug coordinator at Notre Dame would soon open up. Without a degree, she still wanted it; obviously an attractive pay increase. A degree was needed….At that time, online degree’s are relatively easy to achieve. Enter three Peoria Notre Dame teachers: [NAME REDACTED], [NAME REDACTED] (both still there) and [NAME AND JOB TITLE REDACTED]! These three did her online work for a price! One is an English teacher, one is a math teacher and the other was a social studies/Sociology person. They did her work, she paid them! Interesting stuff….the people who were released at PND, knew about this and were told to keep quiet! A teacher of 40 years was released, Emma Taylor, who taught Chemistry. She fell in bad graces with Slaughter and started talking about her not doing all of her work to achieve her degree…You really need to check this out. Is it true. YES….I choose to cover my identity. There was a guy who coached football at PND, Tom Gullickson. He crossed Slaughter on more than one occasion. He was let go in the middle of the year. Contact him on Facebook!

I can’t find Gullickson on Facebook. Perhaps he’ll friend me now.

PLEASE … If you are reading this and are interested in the goings-on at Peoria Notre Dame, you might want to make a donation to The Blog Peoria Project. Go HERE and send a few dollars my way. All gifts go to paying my hosting bill, which isn’t very much, but more than I can afford as i am currently unemployed.


More inside dirt on Peoria Notre Dame

From the contact page:

Just some more information you may like about PND. There are three people who should be seriously checked out. Sharon Weiss, Patricia Gibson and most of all Ann Slaughter. Slaughter is a former secretary who is the drug czar at PND. She takes care of more than drug testing kids. She and the other three are thick as thieves. Slaughter was influential on getting Dr. Patricia O’Connell out of ND, she also was vocal about Charlie hot being there. Any woman who is divorced who works at ND she screams they should also be fired, even though they have not remarried. The lady breaks protocol by releasing confidential information about kids being tested for drugs, especially when they fail the test. The three of them have traveled to Las Vegas on several occasions and she has come back to Peoria bragging about telling them ‘these people need to be gone’. Mike Sullivan was one of them. On an isolated occasion a student-athlete was tested positive for barely being over the cut-off for marijuana. Before she could tell the administration, she outwardly told the head baseball coach and an assistant, all in front of teachers and students! When confronted, she lied. I was a witness to her outburst. She had complained to the administration about Mike Sullivan, saying he was not good for kids. It is pretty well-known of her dislike for Emma Taylor, who was released last year after 40+ years of teaching at PND.


I forgot to mention….Ann Slaughter bragged about getting rid of Jerry Rashid and Cindy Clark. It was Slaughter that caused the stir to get rid of them. Right now she wants the AD, Matt Blackford gone and Mrs. McMillan the Spanish teacher and Mrs. Shifeling the PE and dance sponsor. She is very vocal about that.

I have another comment I’m going to post, probably tomorrow.

I edited out quite a bit.

‘Where is the accountability for Sharon Weiss?’

I received this in the comment section for an earlier post. I am giving this comment it’s own post because of its content:

I’ve read comments on here that it is over and the time has come to move on. I was glad to see this story asking that we not let it fade.

As a graduate of Spalding with children who have been through PND this chain of events is quite disappointing.

I know that the Diocese is a business but we are also a Catholic business. You would hope that we are above this but apparently not.

Charile Roy is in my opinion and in the opinion of many of the individuals I talk to one of the finest administrators that this school has ever had. Someone with this depth of talent should be looked upon as someone we should be trying to keep.

For this reason he is a hot commodity in his career field. A significantly more attractive opportunity was presented to him. He did not take it immediately. He went back to the school he loves and told them he wanted to return.

Charlie Roy is not afraid to say what he feels. He does not do it in a disrespectful way but does question the decision made that do not seem wise or uneducated. This is in stark contrast to the reactionary way Sharon Weiss and the Diocese reacts. For that reason, Dr. Weiss sees him as a threat, someone that challenges the system, someone that they can not control.

For this reason he was told they would not pursue a new agreement. That they would not renew or negotiate his agreement at year end.

Yes, this is her decision but I believe if we asked the local PND community of alumni, students and parents, 90% would have wanted his return.

To make matters worse, it sounds as though Mr. Roy had every intention of honoring his agreement and finishing the school year. Sharon Weiss also declined this. Again her decision. Then she stood in front of the students and lied about the facts. Her decision.

Where is the accountability for Sharon Weiss? Please do not let this fade away.


As I’ve said elsewhere, without an elected school board, there is no system in place to hold the school accountable.

The only option, as I see it, it to make Notre Dame feel it in the pocketbook and take your children OUT of the school, and either send them to public school, or to create a new private school, perhaps not affiliated with the Catholic Church in anyway.

If you are not willing to do that … then the people who now run Peoria Notre Dame win.

I need your help to keep the Sharon Weiss story from fading

You want to see stories on this blog about Sharon Weiss?


First, understand this: I can’t print what I do not know. I never attended Peoria Notre Dame High School. So, I need people who attended PND (or who taught at PND) to meet with me and tell me firsthand stories about their run ins with Sharon Weiss.

Now, once I know, I can write down the information. Not I CAN keep your name out of the story. Of course, the stories are stronger when I am saying who it is is giving me the information. Readers have every right to reject stories with anonymous sources.

Documentation helps too.

Remember, too, that I can print everything and she could STILL keep her job. Peoria Notre Dame and the Peoria Diocese are NOT democratic institutions. They are top-down autocratic institutions. The people in charge of autocratic institutions tend to behave, well, autocratically, especially when they think they have the Lord Almighty on their side.

There might be some blowback.

‘Please do NOT let the Sharon Weiss story fade’

Another blue dart from the contact page:

Please do NOT let the Sharon Weiss story fade. The reported stories of fear, intimidation, threats, cronyism of Dr. Lathan are a mere drop in the bucket in comparison. I have been on both sides of the coin, public and private, and her administration, bar none, takes the prize. NO ONE within the schools will comment about her ruthless administration, for fear of their livelihood. Someone has to push and push and push to expose this. Sadly, this will not happen without destroying lives and the future of our children.


See the March issue of the Community Word.