I TOLD you they were evil

From the St. Lois Post Dispatch:

The Cardinals scouting director who was fired earlier this summer for his alleged role in the hacking scandal that engulfed the club will plead guilty to charges filed against him, according to an online report Friday morning.

The Wall Street Journal, at WSJ.com, cited one unnamed source and suggested that Correa has “tentatively” agreed to plead guilty to five of 12 counts. There is not yet a record of his indictment.

Major League Baseball, according to officials, have been waiting for a resolution to the investigation before beginning its own. The commissioner’s office intends to look into the results of the federal investigation when determining if and when penalties will be assessed against the Cardinals.

As I’ve said before, I’ll say it again: Major League Baseball MUST, MUST, MUST come down with uber harsh penalties against the Cards for this. If not, look for every single major league team to set up hacking terms to gain a competitive advantage.

I do not think forcing the current owners to sell the team is out of the question, nor it a 12-year-ban on any postseason appearances.

None of this Bill Belichick bullshit.

Cubs fans: Feel free to double down on the hatred toward the Cardinals after they acquire A.J. Pierzynski

Chicago Cubs' Michael Barrett, right, punches Chicago White

I love this photo. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

This photo is what happened when former Cub Michael Barrett demonstrated he was a better man.

I will say this: If Pierzynski comes up to bat with two outs in the late innings and the game isn’t tight … I fully expect any Cubs pitcher to throw at his head.