Desperately poor Illinois is ready to give nuke power a $2.4 billion hummer

eye_on-_raunerIf you listen to Gov. Bruce Rauner, Illinois is horribly overtaxed and poor, so we have to destroy state worker unions, destroy worker’s compensation, eliminate pensions and do all sorts of apocalyptic crap.

So go this:

Gov. Bruce Rauner and Exelon have agreed to an 11th-hour deal that paves the way for a ratepayer-financed bailout that will keep two at-risk nuclear plants open.

The two sides negotiated last night and this morning and produced a framework that the governor can support, sources said. Details on Exelon’s concessions were scant, but the company agreed to a new cap on how much electricity rates will go up statewide to finance the bailout, which could cost as much as $2.4 billion over 10 years

Why. Well, you listen to proponents of this bill and they say that they want to support nuclear power, which is a producer of clean energy. No carbon emissions. That’s right. Rauner is an environmentalist.

I hope Rauner was wearing knee pads when he was making this deal.


Where’s Bruce? No one knows

From the State Journal-Register:

Gov. Bruce Rauner left the country for the holidays, but his staff won’t say where he went or even why they don’t want to disclose his whereabouts.

The wealthy businessman-turned-governor left the U.S. last weekend for a two-week vacation with family, spokeswoman Catherine Kelly said Wednesday. She said he is paying for the trip himself and plans to return to Illinois on Jan. 3, but she declined to comment further.

Rauner’s staff has made clear they don’t believe his schedule is public information, despite pre-election pledges of transparency. Since he became governor in January, his office has released only limited information about his public appearances, typically hours before they begin — a policy that has prompted a legal fight.

Not sharing information about his travel outside the country is just the latest example of Rauner’s secrecy.

Can you IMAGINE how the right wing would be howling if Obama or any elected Democratic governor did this?

Actually, a vote for Chad Grimm is a vote for Chad Grimm

Rauner is sending this scary campaign literature to some voters:


This is, of course, complete bullshit. It’s based on the assumption that only Republicans or Democrats have the right to receive votes during a general election. If you happen to be a Libertarian, you have no right to vote for a Libertarian. You should have the right to vote for a Libertarian if you choose.

Frankly, if all I wanted to do was screw over Bruce Rauner, I’d vote for Pat Quinn directly. Oh, yeah, that’s exactly what I’m doing. I’ve voting for Greens and Libertarians everywhere else.

The Democrats aren’t exactly covered in glory on this either. They managed to keep the Green Party off the ballot, so you’ll have to write in Scott Summers for governor if you have Green tendencies.

Behold, the Peoria Pundit’s anti-endorsements for the coming election

I do not endorse. An endorsement is something newspapers do. And when it comes to national or statewide races, the decision on who to endorse is often made by upper management of newspapers, sometimes be completely disregarding the reporting being done by staff. Often the endorsements are based strictly on what management things will benefit the owners of the paper, and are not based one whit on ideology.

So, the staff can feel that Candidate A is a jerk, but the bosses tell readers to vote for Candidate A because Candidate A won’t raises taxes on yachts. Happens all the time.

So, newspaper owners have ruined, for me, the whole concept of endorsements.

I do not make endorsements. I do, on occasion tell my readers who I am voting for. You might have perfectly valid reasons for voting the opposite. That’s fine. I’m not telling people they are stupid if they don’t vote the way I do (although that may in fact be true — I’m simply not TELLING anyone they are stupid).

  • Governor: Pat Quinn (Democratic Party)
  • Secretary of State: Sheldon Schafer (write-in, Green Party)
  • Attorney General: Ben Koyl (Libertarian Party)
  • Comptroller: Julie Fox (Libertarian Party)
  • Treasurer: Matthew Skopek (Libertarian Party)
  • U.S. Senate: Sharon Hansen (Libertarian Party)
  • 17th District Congress: Bill Fawell (Libertarian Party)
  • 18th District Congress:  Darrel Miller (Democratic Party)

As you can see, in most races with a libertarian or Green running, I picked a Libertarian or Green. Except for the governor’s race. This was a recent decision for me. Bruce Rauner would be an absolute disaster for Illinois, while Quinn has stumbled in several ways, he’s for the most part governed like an adult. So my apologies to Chad Grimm (Libertarian) and Scott Summers (Green Party, X-Men).

And I really wanted to stick it to Rauner for the role he played in forcing Dave McKinney out of his job.

Rauner tries to bully reporter and publishers like this, reward Rauner with endorsements

Bruce Rauner has racked up an impressive tally of endorsements from Illinois Newspapers. The fact that right of center newspaper owners — virtually nine of whom are mom-and-pop owners who live in the communities that they cover — is no surprise that these corporate-owned multi-media machines have ordered their underlings to endorse Rauner.

The same reporter that broke the story in the Chicago Sun Times of a “female” CEO that Bruce Raunerthreatened to “bury” and make her “radioactive,” is now being bullied himself, along with another female, his wife. The highly-respected Sun Times political reporter, Dave McKinney, is on the receiving end of Rauner’s bullying tactics, highlighting the credibility of the original charges lodged against Rauner in an investigative piece that showed Christine Kirk, the CEO of LeapSource Inc., a now-defunct bankrupted GTCR company, being bullied by her boss. Rauner is again being accused of being a bullying in another piece, the Crain’s Chicago Business piece published yesterday, that shows Rauner attempted to kill the LeapSource story and “retaliate” and “bully” the reporter.

For good measure, Rauner’s team used the pretext of dragging McKinney’s wife into the narrative that the story should be “killed” by the Sun Times. However, the couple have bent over backwards to assure that their work would not conflict, reported Rich Miller’s Capitol Fax. Both are consummate professionals who would never allow their work to conflict.

McKinney’s piece in question was also co-written and co-reported by two others, Carol Marin and Don Mosely, yet neither of those reporters were accused of wrongdoing by the Rauner campaign. In fact it was Carol Marin’s reading of one of the more explosive parts of the story, that turned into an ad for the Quinn for Illinois campaign. Yet those reporters reporting on the story was not raised as an issue by Rauner, nor were they “retaliated” against, or “bullied.”

Think about it for one second. It is the fervent wish of these corporations to produce newspapers and have to pay reporters nothing. They would love to replace reporters with news writing algorithms, or at least to outsource reporters to call centers in the Phillipines.

So, Rauner makes a few phone calls and beats up on McKinney, to the point where this experienced and talented reporter feels it necessary to hire a lawyer to protect his rights. And publishers love this shit. And it doesn’t bother them in the slightest that Rauner made his fortune outsourcing workers. They love that shit, too.