Peoria Pundit and a return to authenticity and better blogging


punditbannernohatI used to operate Peoria Pundit by being as authentic as possible. I used to blog about stuff that interested me, mainly local politics and local media, with occasional eye candy (Why not? I like to occasionally look at pictures of scantily clad ladies, I figured readers would to).

I was always honest with readers. what I wrote was really how I felt.

And I figured that that is what bogging should be. Let the mass media –the newspapers,magazines, television and radio — produce content designed to accomplish an effect, mainly to sell advertising or to make it easier to produce the next day’s product.

We’ve had enough of that.

Some background: I had a mini stroke in 2012. And I have arthritis and diabetes. There was a brief period of time where I could not talk and carry on a lucid conversation. I could still write though.

I couldn’t work and I was trying to leverage my writing ability. I started creating blogs. Blogs for all occasions. I created a blog that I envisioned would replace in some small way, the Peoria Journal Star. I started a blog to express my growing left-wing anger at the government and the economy. And I kept on trying to maintain Peoria Pundit.

None of these other blogs took off. And I looked at Peoria Pundit. What I once prided on authenticity was increasingly fake. All my blogs lacked authenticity. I was trying to replicate the “objective” journalism model on Valley & Bluff that I once scorned on Peoria Pundit. I was repeating left wing stuff on Peoria Undergrounder that I didn’t feel met what I was marketing on Valley & Bluff, and that didn’t really fit the small “L” libertarian vibe I built Peoria Pundit on.

There is something inherently phony about the objective model of journalism. Reporters go out and gather facts, which often is reduced to the “fact” that some sh*t-eating politician said something incredibly stupid, which is printed in exactly the same way that some one else’s well-thought-out and reasoned opinion is printed. And the reporter can’t even express his opinion of the value of these different opinions, left he be branded as “biased.”

Yet, I know that when I collect and disseminate news from UNobjective news sites, I often have to backtrack because their idea of news is actually biased. A recent story about Congressman Aaron Schock’s sale of a house proved that.

I’ve come to the conclusion (which I have long expressed) that blogs cannot replace mainstream news organizations. But we can and should supplement them. In my mind, it’s OK if a blog is “biased” — in other words, an authentic representation of the blogger’s view of politics and such. But it also needs to be fair.

I think readers appreciate fairness, but this “objectivity” stuff just escapes them. It seems so … unauthentic.

So, I have abandoned those blogs I created. Soon, I’ll post notices on them that they are closed. I might move some posts over to Peoria Pundit.

In general, I am disgusted with the decline of blogs in Peoria. I played a role in that decline. I miss Peoria Chronicle. I miss Peoria Illinoisan. I even miss Peoria Anti-Pundit. I am glad that Peoria Station still lives.

But I mostly blame Facebook. It gives people a way to quickly vent, then move on. Here’s why Facebook is so bad: “Did you see that so-and-so said about the Peoria City Council?” Answer: “No. He said it yesterday and I don’t want to have to search through a day’s worth of posts to find it.”

The powers that be used to fear (at least in some small way) the power of bloggers. Now, we’re just a bunch of cranks fuming on Facebook.

We had a pretty good thing going, former Peoria bloggers. But we all surrendered it on Facebook.

We traded down.

So I am back to Peoria Pundit. I hope to be more authentic in the future.




I am in solidarity with my blogging brethren

I don’t care if you’re running a right-wing site and espouse views with which I totally disagree. I don’t care if you’re a mommy blogger or a cat blogger or any combination thereof. I don’t even care if you are the damn Peoria Anti-Pundit.

If you blog and you live in or around Peoria then I am on your side and will support you. Peoria needs bloggers. We don’t necessarily need yet another Facebook poster.

So get off Facebook and start a BLOG.

Send me a link to your blog via email.

Thelma and Louise say ‘hi’



We had lunch today at One World (does this make me Brad Pitt?). Anyway, we disagreed about just about everything, but we agreed that while blogging is generally good, too much negative reporting and knee jerk negativity drives decent folks out of the pool of candidates for office. OK, I was the target of a lot of this criticism, but I see their point.

Then they left me to go drive off a cliff.

I’m playing with my thingy again I’m going…

I’m playing with my thingy again.

I’m going to boost hits to Peoria Pundit. That means MORE posts. No more posting to Facebook (unless it’s a link back here). And it’s no much easier to post from the front page. So, I did a theme search for “front page posting” and found this nifty little theme. Still getting the bugs worked out, but there aren’t that many.

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