Bernie says Trump lied about saving Carrier jobs

Via Alternet:

eye_on_trumpOn Wednesday, Donald Trump—taking a break from fabricating lies about illegal voting, whining about Broadway plays, and rare media truth-telling—boasted he had saved 1,000 jobs at air-conditioning company Carrier from being outsourced to Mexico.

Unlike earlier this month, when Trump outright lied about having a part in Ford’s decision not to move a plant from Kentucky to Mexico, the Carrier deal seems to actually be connected to moves made by Trump and his Vice President-elect Mike Pence, but they are not at all what Trump would have you believe about them. Those moves were classic examples of corporate wheeling and dealing that slide huge tax cuts and other bonuses to big business in exchange for small favors.

eye_on_bernieIn a Washington Post op-ed Thursday morning, Bernie Sanders calls Trump out on his lousy deal, which will ultimately cost American workers dearly—the very people the president-elect pretended to care so much about during his campaign.

“Today, about 1,000 Carrier workers and their families should be rejoicing,” Sanders writes. “But the rest of our nation’s workers should be very nervous.”

Trump is slated to crow about the deal with Carrier—which in based in Indiana, where Mike Pence remains governor—at the company’s factory Thursday. But saving 1,000 of the 2,100 jobs at Carrier is not good enough. “Trump made a promise that he would save all of these jobs,” Sanders writes, “and we cannot rest until an ironclad contract is signed to ensure that all of these workers are able to continue working in Indiana without having their pay or benefits slashed.”

Susan Sarandon is right


eye_on_bernieSusan Sarandon has been taking a lot of grief over her comments saying that she may NOT vote for Hillary Clinton is she’s the Democratic nominee. First off, she did NOT say that she’s voting for Trump. And the last I checked, her vote belongs to HER, not to Hillary and she can vote for any damn person she wants to vote for. And lastly, she’s exactly right: A Trump presidency would certainly bring about the much-needed revolution a LOT quicker than a Clinton presidency. There’s roughly 50 percent of Americans who think Trump would be good for America. I think maybe they need to be given  a good long taste of it.

I’m starting to rethink my position that I’ll vote for Clinton if she wins the Dem nomination.

I can guarantee Hillary a win over whichever assh*le the GOP nominates

eye_on_bernieFirst, I’m not assuming that Hillary wins the Democrat nomination. There’s a lot of delegates out there and a lot of states that still haven’t held races.

Second, Hillary and her assh*le supporters  better shut up with the anti-Bernie statements. I mean it. Shut up.

Third, think Hillary/Bernie on the same national ticket. It will make it a whole lot easier for Bernie primary voters to cast their general election votes for Hillary.


Usually, politicians cringe at the idea of newspapers digging up photos from their arrest


eye_on_bernieThe Chicago Tribune dug up this old photo from an arrest in Chi-town, and it’s only helping with Bernie Sander’s street cred. It’s helping to poke holes in Hilary Clinton’s once perfect stranglehold on the black vote. At the time of this arrest, Mrs. Clinton was then a volunteer for conservative Barry Goldwater. Were the Clinton’s deeply involved in the civil rights movement? Well, maybe they attended a Black Panther pot party or two, but aside from that, they weren’t.

Myself, I intend to never again vote for anyone who doesn’t have an arrest on their record.

Bernie Sanders is more libertarian that you would think

From Spiked:

eye_on_bernieDespite being slammed by some as a big-government lefty, Sanders’ track record is more complicated — and arguably more libertarian than has been appreciated. Even libertarian stalwart Ron Paul has come out in support of Sanders’ small-government credentials, shortly after his son, Rand, left the Republican race.

Bernie has espoused positions similar to Rand’s, even joining with him to oppose government surveillance. Last year, Sanders wrote a blistering criticism of the ‘Orwellian’ practice of spying on citizens. He voted against the 2001 Patriot Act and its dreadfully named replacement, the Freedom Act, in 2015 — both of which Clinton supported. He is arguably the only candidate left who takes positions that can legitimately be described as libertarian.

He supports freedom of speech. He backs net neutrality and opposes attempts to censor the internet. In 2005, he introduced the Stamp Out Censorship Act, which sought to prohibit the government enforcing ‘indecency fines’ on non-public media (it failed to pass). Recently, addressing students at Liberty University (a Christian institution whose president has just endorsed Donald Trump), most of whom think very differently to Sanders, he said ‘it is vitally important for those of us who hold different views’ to engage in debate. Sadly, though, he also made what many look upon as a censorious promise to ‘bring climate-[change] deniers to justice’.

Clinton prepares red scare assault on Bernie Sanders

From Death and Taxes:




The Guardian is reporting that, according to a dossier they obtained from an anonymous source within the Democratic Party, the Clinton campaign and others who do not want to see Sanders receive the nomination will be accusing him of “sympathizing with the USSR during the Cold War” and “associations with communism” in Cuba. That former allegation is apparently based on the fact that he went on a trip to the Soviet Union to visit a twinned city while mayor of Burlington. The latter is tied to other quotes cherry-picked from throughout the senator’s career about China and Nicaragua.

Seems like branding a candidate a “socialist” is just a tad too 2000-and-late for the Clinton camp (also, probably ineffective when both the candidate and a large portion of the Democratic voter base openly embrace the term) so Hill-Dawg decided to just go full McCarthy with some good ol’ fashioned Red Scare fear-mongering.

Martin O’Malley doesn’t make the cut in Iowa

From the Baltimore Sun:

eye_on_bernieDemocratic presidential candidate Martin O’Malley failed to submit enough valid signatures to appear on Ohio’s primary ballot in March, a state official said Thursday.

O’Malley, the former Maryland governor who is running a longshot campaign for the nomination, submitted 1,175 signatures to the Ohio Secretary of State, 175 more than required for ballot access. But state officials have determined that only 772 of the signatures are valid, said Gia Harrison, a deputy press secretary in the office.

Both frontrunner Hillary Clinton and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders cleared the 1,000-signature hurdle, Harrison said.

Signature requirements are how political parties cull the (in their minds undeserved candidates from the voting poll. Third Party candidates KNOW they have to get ten times the number of signatures that are  required by law, because party hacks are absolutely shameless in their ability and willingness to challenge. And the number of signatures are often ten times the number required by law anyway.

I’m guessing that Bernie is considered mainstream enough, so he’s nat facing a challenge to his signatures.