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I’d be doing more than smashing windows

We’ve had our government stolen from us and replaced by one more palatable to the 1 percenters and the Russians. I think the protesters are using bad tactics, but i completely understand their anger. If I was 18 years old trying to find work in the coming toxic environment, I’d be doing more than breaking windows.

I’ve advocated this before: Hang the CEOs of the top 500 corporations from lamp posts.Then we might start seeing some changes.

‘Protestors’ smash windows at inauguration

From the Washington Times:

Police and protesters clashed in the nation’s capital Friday afternoon just before the inaugural parade got underway, with demonstrators throwing rocks and lighting small fires in downtown Washington, D.C.

The skirmishes occurred outside the parade’s security perimeter but prompted a response by hundreds of officers outfitted in riot gear, who deployed pepper spray and fired off crowd control munitions in an effort to disperse the groups.

The standoff was at least the second major confrontation on Inauguration Day — law enforcement arrested at least 90 people Friday morning after masked protesters smashed storefront windows and bank ATMs and overturned trashcans.

As a commenter reminds me, never discount the likelihood that the people doing the breaking and smashing are cops or agents of the cops, and the people busted are utterly innocent.

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