God kills an atheist … because Bible-thumpers don’t die in plane crashes

From the Chicago Tribune:

Rob Sherman — well-known in the Chicago area as an atheist activist who ran for Congress this year — has been identified as pilot of a small plane who died when it crashed into a field in rural Marengo over the weekend.

The wreckage of the single-engine plane was discovered off Meyer Road in Marengo by a passer-by at about 7:30 Saturday morning, and the single victim was pronounced dead at the scene less than a half hour later.

I’m waiting for the first Facebook post about how God killed this guy because he was an atheist.

Hell, GIVE guns away to anyone who asks, but make new owners submit ‘fingerprints’

my_two_centsYou know how on every cop show that exists, they can trace bullets from crime scenes to recovered guns by checking the grooves and striations from bullets that have been fired from that gun. Well, they can, for the most part.

The gist if that these striations on the bullets can be used sort of like finger prints. Probably not as exact as fingerprints, but still pretty good.

So, here’s my idea.

Don’t have any restrictions on gun sales. Sell them to anybody who can plop down he  cash. Hell, give away freebies if you want. But require all gun buyers to hand over, at the time of the sale, one bullet that has been fired from said gun.

This way legally sold guns that are later used in gun crimes can be traced back to the legal owner. I would also make it a rule that no one can be convicted of a crime solely on this forensic evidence.

What’s that? What if your gun has been stolen by dastardly criminals and used in a crime in some far-flung city? No problem. I wouldn’t convict anyone of a crime if that happened, but depending on the circumstances on how the gun was stolen, I’d consider holding the gun owner financially responsible. As in lawsuits.

I’ve covered cases where the gun owner laid out every single one of a copious gun collection out on his bed, then out for a night of drinking. Or how about those numb nuts who travel about the city with one or more guns in their car, then leave them in their unlocked car overnight? And a I strongly suspect that many “gun thefts” are not thefts are all, but gun sales that are later reported as thefts.

I would have no problem ruling against these assholes in civil lawsuits. And I am PRO GUN.

Now, maybe someone who knows much more than I do about how guns and forensic science works  can explain to me how this wouldn’t work.

It is something to consider.