Peoria Pundit needs your help

The domain name this site uses ( is set to renew on January 1. That means it will expire shortly after that.

I need $14.99 to pay off GoDaddy. 

If anyone remembers the mess that happened when the original domain ( expired can appreciate how worried I am.

So, if you feel charitable, please use the PayPal button in my sidebar. You need a PayPal account or any major credit/debit card to donate.

8 thoughts on “Peoria Pundit needs your help

  1. Why don’t you get a real job. You claim to be a writer/journalist,pundit/blogger. I would think you could sit on your ass at a real job and get paid rather than sit on your ass and beg. Oh yea, my bad, you have no talent, that’s why you can’t/ won’t get a job. It’s so much easier to live off your liberals dole and bitch about how awful the world is/treats you.

    1. Whenever you get a response of thanks, when your being criticized, your answer speaks volumes. The answer directly reflects the correctness of the assertion, for which you have no answer. So I say. “thank you”. I do have to say I quite enjoy checking your blather from time to time to see what the free loading crazies are up to. So again, “thank you!!”

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