Home invaders greeted quite property with bullets

This is what we in the pro-gun crown call a righteous shooting.

A Sunnyland couple wake up the the sound of intruders lurking around outside their bed room. The command the intruders to stop, they come at him and the husband fires a gun. The male intruder was hospitalized and his female cohort, his wife, was arrested.

It was all a mistake, the intruders claim. they were at the wrong house. Never mind the male’s parole on a Pekin bank robbery. We’ll let prosecutors sort it all out.

The home-owner was not charged.

This is why in many decent law-abiding countries, people are required by law to possess a weapon and now how to use them.

I know not very liberal or progressive of me. But then. I don;t thing there is anything liberal or progressive about giving police only the means to protect themselves. Look at the mess at Standing Rock, and how it  didn’t correct itself until potentially armed veterans joined the protest. Malcolm X had the right idea.

2 thoughts on “Home invaders greeted quite property with bullets

    1. “Sovereign citizen?” No. You see, i like being a citizen of the US of A I have no desire to claim that I and i alone as a sovereign citizen. The closest I came was my membership in the Libertarian Party and the currently trendy concept of “anarcho capitalism.” My flirtation with libertarianism instructs my belief in liberalism. I simply cannot see the liberal value in cops being the only people the state allows to be armed.

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