Don’t hold your breath waiting, Roger Ailes

And second thought … go right ahead and hold your breath:

New York Daily News’s TV editor Don Kaplan got a call yesterday from former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes.

Ailes was seeking an apology for a headline in Kaplan’s Sunday column ‘Gropey old men.’ The column began: “Two crusty old media moguls — both undone in court papers by their own loose zippers: Sumner Redstone against Roger Ailes in a race to the bottom of the barrel.”

“I was hoping you would be a gentleman and apologize,” Kaplan quotes Ailes as saying.

Only Roger F*cking Ailes would have the balls to call up and demand a reporter appolofize for accurately reporting on someone filing court papers.

‘Hello. I’m Roger F*cking Ailes and I demand my ass be kissed with an apology.’

Well, f*ck you, Roger.

Ailes should be bent over naked on his desk, and every female who ever worked for him should be invited to kick him right in his nuts.

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