South Peoria’s food buying choices just got a little bit sparcer

I’ve never been inside the South Stop Grocery Store, so I can’t tell you if their inventory went beyond lottery tickets, cigarettes and bags of chips. But I hate to see any business go out of business because of a fire:

According to Peoria Fire, two people were inside the South Stop Grocery when they were dispatched to 1218 S. Western Ave. at 2:31 a.m. Monday. When crews arrived the people managed to get out safely.

The Fire Department reports that the fire was large enough to prevent an inside attack and the roof quickly collapsed within five minutes of being on-scene. Firefighters then tried to prevent the flames from spreading to near-by structure, while also battling the subzero temperatures.

The remaining structure is scheduled to be demolished Monday.

I also rather doubt the two people who were inside the joint at 2:31 a.m. were paying customers. I also note that it means the South Sides’s thugs will have one less place to regularly rob.

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