Normal City Council are dunderheads for giving Rivian money buy shuttered car plant

Sometimes the best deal you can make is the deal you do not make.

But try telling that to the dunderheads who serve on the Normal City Council. They approved an incentive package to lure Rivan (an automaker I have never heard of) to buy the shuttered Mitsubishi auto plant.

Suckers. Normal will be the THIRD location for Rivian, and each one paid for by taxpayers.

In 2010, Florida state representative Debbie Mayfield cast a vote in favor of a $2 million grant to a Florida-based company called Avera Motors, promising to deliver “high mileage, ultra-efficient cars” that would be capable of achieving a fuel-efficiency rating of 60 miles-per-gallon. The company spent every last penny of the $2 million from Florida’s taxpayers: $1.1 million on salaries and “fringe benefits,” another $170,000 on contract services, and most of the rest of the money was reportedly spent on “equipment.”

And while many of Mayfield’s colleagues in the Florida House of Representatives – including Ritch Workman, her Republican primary opponent for Senate District 17 – also cast votes in favor of the $2 million grant, Mayfield’s ties to the mysterious company run much deeper. Two of the company’s three directors are named Robert Scaringe. One is now Mayfield’s husband, the other, her stepson. Sources confirm Mayfield and Scaringe had only started dating around the time she cast her vote, and so Mayfield would have been under no obligation to recuse herself from voting, nor would she be required to file a conflict of interest under the rules of the Florida House. They weren’t married until several years later.


The company, Avera Motors, would later change its name – twice – ultimately becoming Rivian Automotive. In 2015, out of taxpayer funds and no closer to revealing a functioning automobile, the company abandoned Florida and moved to Michigan where it also received economic incentives to produce a wonder-car.

Rivian Automotive’s website doesn’t shed any additional light on the subject. But cached versions of the website as far back as 2011 promised jobs and a working car:

Rivian plans to begin commercial sale of its coupe model in late 2013, with additional models following in 2014.  The company has approximately 30 employees as well as 20 contract personnel contributing to vehicle development and expects to create 1,200 new jobs by 2015.

This article is available on the Web. Just search Google for “Rivian deal Florida.” It’s the seventh article on the list.

If Normal isn’t careful, they will have a wonderful government-managed economy like they do in the People’s Republic of Peoria.

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