Trend-sucking @$$wipes will soon have another out-of-town store at which they can throw their money

Oh, just lovely:

At its Thursday meeting, the Peoria Planning and Zoning Commission recommended 79 acres of land owned by four property owners at the southwest corner of Allen and Walton roads for annexation into the city. The annexation agreement was prepared by Meijer’s senior counsel and states that the company has an agreement with the owners to purchase the property.

Pending approved by City Council, annexation is the first step toward development, said zoning board Chairman Mike Wiesehan.

“All we did was look at the ground. It’s up to the company to decide on development,” he said.

If Meijer decides to develop the site, located between Altorfer Drive and Townline Road – not far from the Walmart Supercenter on Allen Road – it would place four large retailers in close proximity: Walmart, Menard’s and Aldi in addition to Meijer.

You know what. Now one goddamn dollar spent by Peorians or Dunlappers will spend in this Godforsaken place will go toward paying $1 to school teacher salaries or library book in Peoria or Dunlap.

All  that remains is to wait and see how many millions of taxpayer dollars the Gang of Eleven decide to give to Meijer so they will deign to build its rancid Hellhole in well-off North Peoria.

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