City of Oakland hiding behind paper trail tp prove they did something to prevent fatal fire tragedy, but they did NOTHING

stupid_government_tricksI watched the press conference of city officials trying to explain away how some property owner could set up illegal apartments and an illegal after-hours party scene at a building zoning for warehouse use only.

Darin Ranelletti, of the City of Oakland Planning Department, says the city had received reports of people living illegally in the building, which was only permitted as a warehouse. They opened an investigation on Nov. 13. He says an investigator went to the premises on Nov. 17 but could not gain access to the inside of the building

Ranelletti says they had not yet confirmed people were living inside. Photos posted online of the warehouse – called the “Oakland Ghost Ship” – showed pictures of a bohemian, loft-like interior made of wood and cluttered with beds, rugs, old sofas, pianos, paintings, turntables, statues and other items.

Neighbors had complained of trash piling up outside the property and concerns the garbage posed a danger, according to the city’s Planning and Building Department website.

Utter b*llshit.

When did the government send these inspectors, who could not find a way to enter the building? Sometime during the day, which is a lousy time to find evidence of people sleeping inside. And what happened between Nov 17 and Dec. 2, the state of the fire. Nothing apparently, except some papers from one office to another.

Here’s what happens in Peoria when an organization like the Jaycees, for example, want to set up a beer tent to sell several dozen bottles of beer: They get a temporary liquor license. And there are rules that must be followed to get that license.

And try living illegally in a house that has not been OK’d for human habitation.

Crap like this is what turned me into a libertarian many years ago.

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