Breakfast chat held … all city problems now solved

 I attended today’s Breakfast Chat at city hall. Several items were discussed:

  • eye_on_city_hallEric Shangraw of PDC advised that if customers wanted to tip their garbage person, they should hand the money directly to the drivers or deliver it to the office. In the past they have had people driving ahead of the garbage trucks stealing the tips that were left on garbage cans, whom Shangraw described as “the lowest of the low.”
  • There was much talk about what speakers to invite to chats in the coming year. Council member Eric Turner said they have an “in” at the state level with former council members Chuck Weaver and Ryan Spain serving in state government.
  • There was some talk about the upcoming “budget challenge,” which provides a road map for the council when working on the budget.
  • Citizens were encouraged to contact the media when they encounter city staffers and administrators and elected officials who provide good service.
  • One activist wanted to expand they neighborhood police officer program.  There is a general consensus that the program actually works. In Averyville, they are eagerly awaiting their neighborhood officer.
  • Word is that the city will start aggressively ticketing people caught driving while using their cell phones. The council members attending were advised that there might be a backlash from people ticketed, but most comments were positive.
  • The city is also looking at ways to expand its “restorative justice” program, which involves a multidisciplinary approach to keeping juvenile offenders out of the criminal justice system.
  • Savino Sierra advised that he does not believe that Peoria is a racist community.
  • There was brief mention of the city’s plans to annex Dunlap, but I highly suspect Eric Turner was joking with me.


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