Desperately poor Illinois is ready to give nuke power a $2.4 billion hummer

eye_on-_raunerIf you listen to Gov. Bruce Rauner, Illinois is horribly overtaxed and poor, so we have to destroy state worker unions, destroy worker’s compensation, eliminate pensions and do all sorts of apocalyptic crap.

So go this:

Gov. Bruce Rauner and Exelon have agreed to an 11th-hour deal that paves the way for a ratepayer-financed bailout that will keep two at-risk nuclear plants open.

The two sides negotiated last night and this morning and produced a framework that the governor can support, sources said. Details on Exelon’s concessions were scant, but the company agreed to a new cap on how much electricity rates will go up statewide to finance the bailout, which could cost as much as $2.4 billion over 10 years

Why. Well, you listen to proponents of this bill and they say that they want to support nuclear power, which is a producer of clean energy. No carbon emissions. That’s right. Rauner is an environmentalist.

I hope Rauner was wearing knee pads when he was making this deal.


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