It’s ridiculously easy to spot a fake news site, naturally Trumpites cannot do it

Sorry, but I grew up and attended journalism school, where we learned how to create real news stories. You went out and interviewed newsmakers, then reported what they said. If there was a dispute over what had taken place, you looked at the video tape. And if there was no video, you wrote that there was disagreement over the facts.

At even the crappy newspapers I worked at, the bosses were pretty clear that getting all sides was expected.

Facebook and to a lesser extent Twitter were criticized during the waning days of the late presidential campaign for allowing folks to link to obviously fake news stories … articles that claimed that Hillary was thisclose to being indicted, for example. Once these links appeared in Facebook, they spread like wildfire. The Trumpites wanted to believe this stuff and they latched onto the fake news as if it was delivered from on high by the son of God.

Even when real journalists and bloggers pointed out the wrongness of believing this unverified stuff, they refused to believe it. The fact that the mainstream media wasn’t writing the same stuff just fit into the Trump narrative of a crooked, pro-Hillary press.

Instead, the began writing that complaints about fake news sites were themselves efforts at censorship, and that perfectly good sites like Snopes was a fake news site. Actually, what Snopes does — and has done for years — to investigate claims made by the media to see if they for example back up their claims by quoting the experts. You know, sources. Newsmakers.

And now, legitimate news sources like The New York Times or the Washington Post do not automatically become fake news sites because someone can point out a fact error.

Wanna check out which stories are fake? Follow the advice here. You don’t have to rely on ME, ’cause I’m pretty much in the bag for the progressive/liberal side.

And good Christ, don’t rely on Donald Trump. And don’t listen to clowns who refuse to read a newspaper and yet hoist themselves up as experts of journalism.

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