Please, please, please move Aaron Schock’s trial to Peoria


aaron_schock_head-150x1501-150x150Indicted former Rep. Aaron Schock has asked a federal judge to move his case from Springfield to his hometown of Peoria, Illinois, saying it has “virtually no connection” to the state capital.

Schock was indicted earlier this month on 24 counts, from wire fraud to filing false mileage reimbursements to filing false tax returns. He resigned from Congress after POLITICO asked him about thousands of dollars in questionable mileage reimbursements.

In a filing Monday afternoon, Schock’s attorneys said that none of the “alleged misconduct occurred in Springfield, and no significant witness, if any witness, lives in Springfield. Yet the [U.S. attorney] chose to file this case not in Peoria — where the [U.S. attorney] maintains an office mere blocks from the federal courthouse — but in Springfield. The only basis for doing so appears to be the prosecutor’s convenience.”

Yes, by all means move the trial to Peoria. That way, Peoria media — mainstream and alternative — will have ample opportunity to cover the trial in all the dirty details.

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