Journal Star already has a hate on for one of the Peoria City Council candidates

 One of the things you do NOT do is piss off the Peoria Journal Star. You do, and they will fill their pages with stories about what an evil, contemptible bastard you are. Gary Sandberg wouldn’t kiss their collective asses, and they made his life a living Hell .. except for the fact the people loved Gary and kept returning him to office.

Well, Amr Elsamny held an event to announce he’s running for Peoria City Council. He declined to answer questions from the media — last time I checked, he had every right to do so –and the dudes who write the Word on the Street column wrote a piece eviscerating him.

Well, the Peoria Journal Star walks around acting like it’s King of All Peoria Media. At one point, that statement was close to being the truth. It is far from the truth today. In addition to television and radio (including a public radio station that kicks ass), we have The Community Word, The Peoria County Chronicle, the Peoria Morning Sun, The American Wolf, Peoria Story, and even this poor blog here (if I forgot anyone drop me a line).

And not to mention social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc, where people go to share information person to person, bypassing the reporters, assignment editors, photographers, staff editors, managing editors and publishers … all of whom I am convinced exist to keep the public from finding out what is going on in the city.

Did anyone see the Thanksgiving issue of the Journal Star? Huge freaking paper. I used to deliver papers that huge back in my paper boy days. Well I sat down and separated the news sections from the glossy ads.  There wasn’t enough news to wipe my a$$ with. Makes sense. The deadline for the newspaper that hit your porches by 6 a.m, Thanks giving was NOON the previous day.

So, forgive Amr Elsamny for being confident he can reach enough Peorians to get elected without kissing the collective asses of the two Word on the Street dudes.


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