I should never serve in public office

I have described in detail why I should never run for office. Basically, I am un-electable.

I will now describe why no one in their right mind would want me to serve in office.

  1. I would be a dictator. Seriously, I would last about a month or two before I would give up the ghost and just start arresting the ass hats who disagree with me.
  2. Criminals. I have a different idea on how to punish criminals. For example: a spouse who kills his/her better half will get a break on the first offense. People who litter? People who cut in line at the coffee shop? They would die in prison.  Why? In the first example, the perpetrator is more than likely someone who is just temporarily agitated. The the second, they are likley someone who is anti-social and a narcissist … someone who is going to re-offend.

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