McDonalds planning to make some workers redundant

From Crain’s:

McDonald’s today said it will expand its “Experience of the Future” concept to 500 U.S. stores by the end of the year, hoping the new format will help boost sales the way it did in overseas markets.

Restaurants that receive the remodel offer limited table service, self-service digital kiosks and customizable sandwiches, which include premium toppings such as guacamole, grilled onions, maple bacon and Dijon mustard.

Though the remodels will extend to roughly 3.5 percent of the Oak Brook-based company’s 14,200 U.S. restaurants, its executives clearly believe updating the chain’s tired restaurants will play a key role in boosting sales…

Good thing we elected that Fascist c*cks*cker Trump to keep Hillary from boosting the minimum wage.

But then, most of the McDonalds I visit hire mostly Mexicans and black people, so I’t not like some real person will loose their job.

2 thoughts on “McDonalds planning to make some workers redundant

  1. Billy, Billy, Billy,

    Why don’t you do some investigation?

    You know where I bet these self-service kiosks will be installed? Most likely in cities that are phasing in a $15/hour minimum wage over the next several years.

    Idiot liberals are killing jobs for minorities, but go ahead and blame Donald Trump (who has said the minimum wage needs to increase).

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