So, Change Peoria is a thing, now

I get the most interesting email:

Hello Billy,

Great news, Central Illinois for Bernie Sanders is now Change Peoria. We are continuing the political revolution by making a difference in local politics. Change Peoria is a grassroots political organization which empowers people in the metropolitan Peoria area to develop accountable, transparent, and responsive governments for all by ensuring inclusivity, justice, and equity. Our methods include backing candidates, supporting issues, and educating the public.

Our first project is the Peoria City Council election in the spring. I hope you will join us in our efforts to make positive changes in the Peoria area.Our next meeting is Saturday, November 12, 3 pm at Peoria Public Library Lincoln Branch – Hot Air Balloon Room.We will view a presentation on single payer healthcare from the Physicians for a National Health Program followed by discussion. Please come ready with your questions.

After the single payer healthcare discussion, we will update everyone on what Change Peoria is doing and how you can get involved. Here is a link to the event on Facebook for more info,

Hope to see you there. 


Ryan Hidden
Change Peoria

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