GateHouse is hiring digital sales reps


GateHouse Media is planning to hire 100 additional digital-only sales representatives across the U.S, part of the company’s strategy to expand its digital marketing solutions offerings.

Print advertising partners of GateHouse Media, which owns 125 dailies and a few hundred weeklies across the country, are looking at the company “for the first time” as a “digital partner” to reach its 40 million online readers, stated Peter Newton, GateHouse Chief Revenue Officer.

For the latter half of 2016, GateHouse has redesigned all the Web sites in its portfolio, to provide “faster load times [and] few, more impactful ads,” It’s combined more than 500 sites on the same ad serving platform, Newton told Publishers Daily.

CLICK HERE to read the complete article. GateHouse is sticking it’s face into the digital media buzz saw. ONLINE READERS WILL NOT PAY ATTENTION TO ADS. The future on online news is paid memberships and donor ads, just like not for profit media. I rather doubt GateHouse will see an increase in revenue large enough to justify opaying 125 new employees

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