The state keeps poor health insurance patients uninformed

 Did you year Health Alliance is leaving the state, leaving state insurance patients in the lurch?

I didn’t know. Until an hour ago, when I stopped by Walgreens to pick up my Atorvastatin, a cholesterol drug that my doctors assure me that missing a dose would kill me.

Because Health Alliance flew the coop, the state is covering the costs of prescription directly. Meaning that a $2 copay was passed along to me directly. I was promised that a replacement would be found by the end of the month. I have no hope this will happen, nor am I hopeful that the benefits will not change.

Now, i had been planning on using that $2 to splurge and buy myself a Coke to drink along with the Quarter Pounder with Cheese I had a coupon. Now think about this for a moment: If I bought the Coke before I went to the pharmacy, I would have had to leave the medication there.

Because this is Illinois. The last people — the very last people — they inform about charges are the poor people who receive needed services.

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