Trump wants citizen journalists help to commit voter intimidation


trump_flicker_face_yessAccording to a new report, a voter intimidation group associated with the Republican nominee released a new script on Wednesday night for “citizen journalists” who to participate in poll monitoring.

The group, called “Vote Protectors,” had originally planned to create fake ID badges for volunteers that would attend polling places in cities with large minority communities, apparently recalling what Trump has said at previous rallies.

Trump has suggested time and time again that the election was sure to be rigged on November 8 and that his supporters should absolutely show up to their polling booths and watch for voter fraud. He said this type of activity was especially likely in “certain areas.”

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Actually, from my observations of citizen journalists, we are evenly divided between progressives and conservatives. But we are all uniformly skeptical. I imagine there are a bunch of us who gave Trump a good, hard look … then said Hell no.

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