ISIS is no more evil than many other regimes in history

From TV Newser:

CNN senior international correspondent Arwa Damon reported Friday from the Khazer refugee camp in Iraq, talking to children displaced by the battle to liberate Mosul from ISIS.

“It’s something I won’t ever get used to, it’s something that is always jarring,” Damon told TVNewser. “I have such admiration for their resilience, but sadly there’s nothing they said that really surprised me. There is no limit to the sheer evil and cruelty that we hear about.”

And the unwritten undertone of these statements is “And it’s up to the United States to personally fight them.” All wars start with the media vilifying those who would be our new enemy.

I’m not buying it. Oh, I buy the idea that ISIS is bad. But I am noy\t buying intio the idea that it’s OUR PROBLEM.

There were similar tales being fed to us daily about the absolute horror the Saddam Hussein regime right before we invaded Iraq. And the freed populace rewarded us  by shooting at us. We still have not extracted ourselves from that mess.

Remember Romania when it was under Nicolae Ceaușescu. An absolutely horrid situation, even by Soviet Bloc standards. But it wasn’t out problem, so we didn’t invade.

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