You’ve gotta admire Whitey

Excerpt from the Peoria Journal Star:

This year, it doesn’t pay to be a St. Louis Cardinals fan for Mark White.

White is the longtime proprietor of Whitey’s Tip top Tap, a Cardinals bar at 2601 N. Sheridan Road. During the team’s regular-season games, the joint bustles; when the Cards are in the playoffs, the place explodes.

This year? With the team sitting at home for the playoffs and watching the arch-rival Cubs march into the Series?

“It’s not been very busy lately, that’s for sure,” White, 59, says with a chuckle.

White says he has somewhat marveled at the novelty of the Cubs winning the pennant. But now that the team is vying for a championship, enough is enough. You won’t see him in blue pinstripes for the Series.

“It’s been interesting, but the Cardinals are in my blood,” he says.

Make no mistake, Whitey is stupid for being a Cardinal fan.

But you’ve gotta admire him for NOT switching allegiances for the Cubs. Cubs fans do NOT root for the Cardinals where they somehow manage ti worm their way into the World Services. And when the cubs have the best record in baseball, Cards fans to DOT room for the Cubs.

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