Let’s face it … Hillary is sorta nasty (but far less nasty than Trump)

You know all these stories based in WikiLeaks about how Hillary Clinton tells one thing to rich bankers and other things to voters?

If Hillary were running against a normal Republican opponent, these emails would destroy her, and the GOPer would be looking at probable victory.

But she’s not running against a normal GOPer. She’s running against Donald Trump — an orange-haired vulgarian, an ill-tempered lout who is intellectually and emotionally unprepared to be president. Rational Republicans wake up in a cold sweat at the idea of Trump with his finger on the button.

Hillary is corrupt … but in the way Americans expect a segment of the political class to be corrupt. Most of the corruption seems to be in the area of jimmying elections and the electorate to win elections, and to get donors to give her money. But I’d rather have her fingers on that damn button than Trump.

So WikiLeaks revelations come around and I’m willing to ignore them for the time being … until, say, four years from now when she faces a true progressive in the primary and Trump is a jail.

So, no, Trump backers. We’re giving Hillary a free pass. We’re simply electing the lesser of two evils. For the time being.

Hillary … you are on notice.

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