Here is an image from the post-GateHouse media apocalypse


 It’s a given that the Peoria Journal Star will collapse under the weight of GateHouse Media’s business plan (buy up newspapers and cut costs by laying off reporters. Eventually, you won’t be able to lay off enough reporters and  still cover news. eventually, investors will demand profits or artificially high stock price).

So, what will be left of Peoria media after this happens? Well, a couple of blogs (probably not Peoria Pundit, as I’ll be dead by then), some incestuous TV stations and these assholes.

Part of a chain of newspapers (I’ve only seen the online versions) that exists, it seems to me, for the purpose of making Democratic House Speaker Micheal Madigan out to be the biggest villain in history, and to complain that teacher salaries are too high. Granted, I believe in subjective journalism and these rags have a right to their noxious viewpoint, but Gov. Bruce Rauner is the bad guy in Illinois now, and that makes me do what I thought impossible: Appreciate the heroic qualities of Michael Madigan. I didn’t think that was possible.

I tried to find out about the owners, but all I found was this graph on the about page:

Funding for this news site is provided, in part, by advocacy groups who share our beliefs in limited government. East Central Reporter is a product of LGIS – Local Government Information Services

This is the journalism that is going to be left after GateHouse Media and its ilk collapse under the weight of get-rich-quick greed and their CEOs use their golden parachutes. That is, unless you thoughtful and kind social media/blog readers get over yourselves and start buying subscriptions to online news sites.

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