Tammy Duckworth has a Tshirt that reads ‘Lucky for me, he’s an ass man’


You have a sense of humor about your amputations, and have been known to wear a shirt that says, “Lucky for me, he’s an ass man.”
Yep. [laughs]

Which I’m obsessed with.
You can Google it! You can get it online. It’s available online.

Duckworth’s communications director interjects: “Please don’t.”

Oh, I think she should! I’m proud of that shirt! You had the same reaction as my husband. You know, he’s thrown it away at least once, and I’ve pulled it back out of the garbage can and worn it. [laughs]

How did you come to a place where you felt comfortable joking about that?
Well, it’s thanks to the care I got at Walter Reed. And being able to recover with my fellow service members. You can choose to cry about it, and you can choose to be depressed for the rest of your life about it, but at the end of the day, I earned my injuries. I earned this. And I’m proud that I earned this. Because I earned it in defense of my nation.

And for me to not accept it would be a denial of my very own service that I’m proud of. And even more critical to me, would be a dishonor to the men who saved my life. They didn’t risk their lives to save me so I could spend the rest of my life feeling sorry for myself sitting on a couch somewhere. I could do that. I would have every right to do that. But I can better honor the struggle that my crew went through to save my life by having a sense of humor about it, and showing that my life is really pretty normal. I talk about this all the time. My husband and I have fights all the time. We don’t have fights because I don’t have legs. We have fights because he leaves the toilet seat up. And it annoys me. [laughs]

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