Oh, noze: ‘FBI: Breakfast program threatened nation’

Because kids who grow up with full bellies don’t grow up wanting to kill the police:

FBI director J. Edgar Hoover wrote in a memo at the time: “The Breakfast for Children Program (BCP) has been instituted by the BPP (Black Panther Party) in several cities to provide a stable breakfast for ghetto children. … The program has met with some success and has resulted in considerable favorable publicity for the BPP. … The resulting publicity tends to portray the BPP in a favorable light and clouds the violent nature of the group and its ultimate aim of insurrection. The BCP promotes at least tacit support for the BPP among naive individuals …and, what is more distressing, provides the BPP with a ready audience composed of highly impressionable youths. … Consequently, the BCP represents the best and most influential activity going for the BPP and, as such, is potentially the greatest threat to efforts by authorities … to neutralize the BPP and destroy what it stands for.”

Just like the breakfast program run out of Ward Chapel AME Church in Peoria. Because feeding black kids is BAD.

Hoover was a d*ck.

And kudos to the Community Word. ‘FBI: Breakfast program threatened nation’ is a devastatingly accurate headline.

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