The Southern needs to grow a pair


The Southern Illinoisan recently published an editorial cartoon that sides with the sentiments those who have criticized those police officers who are too quick to fire at black motorists.

I’ll tell you how most Americans feel about such shootings of unarmed black Americans: They HATE these shootings. few of us have any problems at all with any police officers hauling out their weapons and firing at black people  — any ANY skin-color American — who threaten the lives of police officers. But that’s the rule: There must be a real threat to the lives of officers before lethal force is justified, The standard for the use of lethal force is NOT “did the person immediately obey instructions with a smile on his face.”

This upset downstate law enforcement groups:

Metropolis Police Chief Harry Masse told a Kentucky newspaper Sunday that “Words cannot describe the disgust I have for the Southern Illinoisan Newspaper for posting this ‘cartoon.’ Can you image the outrage if I posted a cartoon about the looting, protests or carnage being brought on some of our cities? Never again will I spend a dime on their paper. I will use old one to perform cleaning chores! Unbelievable.”

And so, the Southern Illinoisan stood it’s ground. Ha ha, nope. They caved, presumably to make it easier for reporters to regurgitate standard police blotter reporting.

The Southern Illinoisan regrets the editorial cartoon selected to run in Sunday’s paper. The syndicated cartoon was offensive to law enforcement and those of us who support law enforcement. Though we respect diverse opinions, we do not believe this was in good taste, nor constructive for dialog at the national or local level. We value the service of law enforcement officers serving southern Illinois, who put their lives on the line every day to keep our communities safe. Though editorial cartoons are rooted in satire to provoke thought, the selection of this cartoon was not vetted through our usual editorial process. We have implemented measures to prevent this in the future.

Chicken sh*t bastards.

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