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 The Peoria Area Blotter and Politics Blog ( for short) is my latest attempt to start a general interest citizen journalism site in Peoria. I cover crime news, politics and some press releases. And other news that comes my way. Yes. I’m gonna run advertising. And yes, I wanna make some money doing it. So please advertise. Or donate. When I start getting people hooked, I’ll sell subscriptions, Donations are being accepted. Did I already say that?

You see, eventually, the Peoria Journal Star will collapse as GateHouse Media continues to eat itself in it’s orgy of greed and self-destruction. I want my site to be standing when this happens. 

3 thoughts on “Please read the Peoria Area Blotter & Politics Blog

  1. I wish you well, but is this REALLY a viable internet business model? When I look at successful sites which have been successfully monetized by their owners, I honestly don’t see news sites organized around citizen based general news reporting in and around a medium sized city. Maybe I’m ignorant, in which case show me some successful examples from other locales.

    Also, isn’t this what you’ve been doing for the past 12 to 15 years?

    You’re not selling any great product or a course of some sort of useful knowledge on the back end of your site, and you’re not running some large political group site with a vast database of members which someone can successfully mine. I like your commentary, but your mix of libertarian infused progressivism focused on Peoria doesn’t strike me as generating a lot of web traffic.

    I’ve said this before, I would rather have you as an editor at the Journal Star where you’d have a larger audience. I also think you did a way better job of reporting on Aaron Schock than the crack reporters at Peoria’s paper of record. Not a high bar, but you really did a great job on exposing his crimes over the years.

    I hope you take this comment in the spirit in which it was intended. You’re a really smart guy.

    1. Tell you what, I’ll the muckety mucks at the PJS and say that the illustrious BrianG is recommending me for an editor job. And honesty, most of the Aaron Schock stuff i did was link aggregation … whch the journal Star COULD have done, but did not. As a result, Peoria who didn;t read bmy blog assume his resignation had something to do with Downton Abbey.

  2. I’m not sure my name is one to use there. The last discussion I ever had with anyone at PJ Star involved the ethics of a former political reporter. FWIW< I was paying you a compliment.

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