Spider-Man’s Aunt May? Yeah, I’d bang her


Marisa Tomei is 17 months younger than I am. And look at her. She’s HOT and has been since  “My Cousin Vinny.”

But she’s been slated to appear in the new Spider-Man movie as THIS character:


Aunt May.

So, imagine the oldest, most elderly woman in your family. Now, imagine this woman’s mother. THAT is how old “Aunt May” is in the comics.

Now, this character is being portrayed by a young lady I have lusted after. Did you see “The Wrestler?”

This is just wrong.

2 thoughts on “Spider-Man’s Aunt May? Yeah, I’d bang her

  1. She looks like a young Marlo Thomas in that shot. And yes, Billy, she is way too young and attractive for that role. Give some older actresses some work. What next, a reboot of the Golden Girls starring Anne Hathaway, Margot Robbie, Eliza Dushku, and Emma Watson?

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