Bad cop behavior in St. Louis

From Missouri Lawyers:

A former St. Louis police officer was ordered jailed Wednesday pending sentencing after admitting in federal court that he assaulted a handcuffed man in a case that forced a city prosecutor’s resignation.

Thomas Carroll, 52, waived a formal reading of the indictment and pleaded guilty Wednesday in St. Louis to a felony count of deprivation of rights under color of law, admitting he denied the victim his constitutional freedom from unreasonable force by a law enforcer.

Authorities allege Carroll was on duty in July 2014 when he assaulted the man, identified in court papers only as “M.V.,” near St. Louis’ Busch Stadium after the arrested victim was found to have a credit card belonging to Carroll’s daughter and stolen from her car.

While the man was handcuffed in the police cruiser, federal prosecutors said Wednesday, Carroll yelled to him that he made a “huge mistake” and “broke into the wrong girl’s car.” Later at a police station, Carroll ignored a supervisor’s orders to stay away from the man and confronted him in an interview room, ultimately throwing the still-handcuffed man into a chair before tossing him against a wall before punching him.

Textbook bad cop behavior here.

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