One thought on “That’s right .. I’m still pissed over City of Peoria financial support for Dozer Park

  1. You should be. If memory serves me right, the taxpayers helped to build the stadium, created some TIFs to help boost the land’s value, and in a great piece of political theater, one of Pete Vonachen’s last public appearances, they wheeled him in front of the council right before the vote to bail him out went down. The Journal Star wrote some editorials in opposition to the bail out to establish their bona fides as fiscally responsible before getting on board.

    The truly sad thing is that people are woefully and deliberately ignorant about the pervasiveness of sport subsidies. Does Rocky Wirtz, one of the richest men in state need subsidies for his hockey team or to built state of the art warehouses for his state endowed monopoly is selling alcohol? Do we need to have a trade association such as the NFL be tax free? ARGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!

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