You wanna know why blacks don’t trust cops? Maybe this will shed some light ….

arrested mail carrierFrom the Washington Post:

Glen Grays, a postal worker in Brooklyn, had his delivery route cut short on St. Patrick’s Day when he was handcuffed by four plainclothes police officers and placed in an unmarked car.


The footage was released this week by Brooklyn Borough President Eric L. Adams, who said Grays had been “carrying out his normal duties” as a mail carrier when he got out of his truck and “a vehicle passed by him, almost striking him.”

“He made comments to the vehicle, as any New Yorker would,” Adams said at a news conference Wednesday. “The occupants of the vehicle stopped, backed up when he was crossing the street delivering the package.”

Those occupants were the four plainclothes officers who followed Grays to his delivery stop, according to Adams. The video shows the officers tell Gray to “stop resisting.” They then take him away in handcuffs, leaving his mail truck unattended.

Yelling at the unmarked car about driving recklessly “is the only action that Glen did that day that caused those plainclothes officers to stop their vehicle and to show who’s the biggest and the baddest, and place handcuffs on an on-duty postal employee who is delivering the U.S. mail,” Adams said. “If they would do that to Glen, in his postal uniform, they would do it to any other person of color in this community.”

This is what ought to happen. The four cops should be arrested by federal authorities for interfering with the delivery of the mail. These officers then need to be given a “perp walk” in handcuffs through the same neighborhood. But that won;t happen if this is left to ordinary New York City justice, which assumes that if police aren’t safe to harass and kill any black person they see, that all white people are at risk.

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