At times like this, I wish the Sox played in the NL Central

I bet the White Sox are lot a lot of other grown men. They want to be able to tell a dirty joke once in a while, or talk about the chick with the big boobs behind third base, or just drop their drawers and scratch their balls once in a while. So, it turns out one or two players  quietly went to the general manage and politely (I assume) griped that Adam LaRoche was bringing his kid to work every damn day. And the general manager told his to cut back on the visits. And LaRoche had a helicopter parent hissy fit.

And the vaulted White Sox are now collapsing. As a Cubs fan, I could only wish that they played in the NL Central.

Folks, I like kids too. But there’s a big difference between a coworker whose kids drop in once a months or so to visit then leave, and a co-worker who  rings his kid in to work with him/her ever single day. Its disruptive.

3 thoughts on “At times like this, I wish the Sox played in the NL Central

  1. My understanding is that LaRoche’s contract stipulates that he is allowed to bring his kid to work everyday and has a locker provided for said child. I’m sure if La Roche was hitting .325 with 35HRs, it wouldn’t be an issue. But yeah, I like watching the White Sox implode. Just wish Steve Stone was still doing Cub broadcasts, although it is entertaining to listen to Harrelson and Stone have their little tiffs on the air.

  2. Stone is a good color man, although one gets the impression he thinks its all about him. Harrelson makes my physically ill at times.

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