Oh, noze! Obama steals land sacred to a mining company!

Heh. From Occupy Democrats:

Arizona Tea Partiers are furious with the government after their heinous plot to sell off Native American sacred land to be plundered for corporate profits was foiled by President Obama. Rep. Paul Gosar, along with his accomplices Ann Kirkpatrick, John McCain, and Jeff Flake, managed to throw a last minute amendment into last year’s must-pass military spending bill that hands over the land at Oak Flats – or Chi’chil Bildagoteel to the Apache – to an Australian mining company in an unprecedented show of disrespect to America’s native tribes. And they would’ve gotten away with it too, if it wasn’t for that meddling President!

Over 300 Apache tribesmembers have occupied the site in protest since early 2015 in protest of the sale, determined to protect their ancestral grounds where girls hold their coming-of-age ceremonies. Apache spokeswoman Wendsler Nosie, Sr. wrote in a powerful letter to the Congressmen that the land of Oak Flats “has always been our connection to our Mother, our right to exist, a central part of our prayers, songs, stories and spiritual practices. It is from here that we emerged. It is who we are. We have lost so much.”

Gosar and Kirkpatrick were unmoved, however, motivated only by the demands of mining lobbyists and the allure of money. They orchestrated a shameful smear campaign that disputes the site’s sacred status and demanded that the Park Service declassify it as a protected area. The Obama Administration, through the Parks Service, instead designated it a historical district, effectively ending their efforts to mine holy grounds.

Arizona is second only to Texas in the number of *ssh*ole Tea Partiers who refuse to acknowledge any sort of property rights for Indians. So screw them. Frankly, I’d advocate confiscation of all personal property belonging to white Arizonans.

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